Help Build Gobekli

We're looking for talent and passion to help lead & develop our technology in the following fields:

Help us build an AI ecosystem to maximize human potential, not replace it. 

Augmented Human Intelligence helps Everyone Work Smarter & Live Better.

The Expertise we're looking for:

We’re activity looking to meet, network, discuss and recruit people who can help in the following technical fields.  

Where you could help us out:

Help Pioneer Data Decentralization

Our technology team will be working in tandem with the Solid Community and the Inrupt team to engineer, prototype and develop solutions and features that enable Solid Protocol as an AI ecosystem foundation. 

Help Create The Intelligence

Our goal is to create the foundation (engineered by the your colleagues) for an intelligent agent that can be customized for every user, so they can securely use their decentralized data. 

Design and prototype the UI/UX

Help Create The Experience

We are crafting a human centered, trans UI, interactive experience of a learning intelligent agent. Our technology team will have the chance to build and deploy experiences never before possible. 


Important character qualities, concepts and values of our team:

Things we look for in people we want to work with: 

  • Emotionally Intelligent Problem Solving
    • Finding common ground, mutual respect, engaging in debate with civility, sharing credit and celebrating each other’s success are the trademarks of our company culture.
    • Intellectual Humility – Understanding the limits of one’s own knowledge. Being open to new ideas and a willingness to be receptive to new sources of evidence.
    • “Question Everything” – Nullis in verba, “Take nobody’s word for it”. We seek multiple perspectives, test, experiment and work with the best data we have.
    • Game Theory – Do what is best for the needs of both many and the few. We motivate ourselves to maximize the greatest good for the most people.
  • Attitude of “Venture Forward” – Pattern recognition of ourselves and others. We don’t get stuck in the past or repeat cycles.
  • Gobekli is a PEOPLE first company. We do not serve our enterprise clients’ interests above the interests of the users.

The Opportunities:

  • Be our Ally!  – We’re always excited to talk with anyone interested in our mission. If you have ideas, referrals, recommendations, insights or connections, we certainly want to talk.
  • Be our Advisor! – If you have expertise and connections that bring key value to the table. We definitely want to talk. 
  • Join our coFounders team! – Earn equity for the work you contribute before pre-seed. If you have a set of skills you’d like to discuss crafting into a technical cofounder position, we 10,000% want to talk.