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Human Distributed Talent Data

We envision a world where individuals have control of all evidence of their entire work & education history…

Verified Human Knowledge Graphs

We leverage the Verified Credentials JSON-LD Schema The result of the Using the LQS to create Ontologies and…

Concept Sequencing

Just tagging isn’t enough.  While simple tagging can help learners find courses based on keyword, and help AI…

Self-Organizing Ontologies

Course groups are scanned (Using Ontological NLU HeadAI) to determine their “chemical makeup”. We generate a JSON map…

Self-Organizing Ontologies

We provide keywords families with clear meaning through Self-Organizing Ontologies

Concept Sequencing

We map knowledge and skills observed in courses through Concept Sequencing, creating Linked Talent Data

Verified Human Knowledge Maps

We distribute verified talent maps to individuals using Verified Credentials & blockchain networks.

Self-Soverign Verified Talent Data

We leverage human distributed Solid Pods to give the user ownership and control to combine and share their data, creating a Human Distributed Talent Ecosystem