Decentralized Data Science Innovator (coFounder)

Be the Architect to engineer the market standard of Decentralized AI products.

Essential Functions include

  • Design, build and oversee a decentralized data architecture that maximizes scalability while enabling needed functionality at each stage.
    • Build a forward thinking information management overhead management strategy
  • Expand integrations, interoperability, data exchanges, security, and integrity of the quality of people’s data about their professional value.
  • Serve as ambassador and recruiter for decentralized community

For People

For Businesses

Design A Solid/Decentralized System Architecture

Our founders are non-technical, however that hasn’t stopped them from doing their research to understand the ideal path for long term viability by speaking with as many technical experts as possible to create a vision and direction for the technical team when they come on board. 

Given the resaerch already conducted, we believe that Solid Decentralization Protocol will evolve into a scaleable means of decentralizing and keeping people’s data private. While we know this is not the only decentralization and data protection technique, it does come with the added publicity leverage of being lead by Tim Berners-Lee. This makes it an advantage if we are able to produce a commercially viable and convincing product, we will beat the other teams much closer to it’s academic development. This makes us an insider of a community from the beginning rather than having to work out way in from the outside. This is a strategic business preference to build the system architecture on Solid Protocol, but not 100% a mandate. 

We believe in intellectual humility and the ability to question everything. Because of that we may very well be wrong about the Solid direction, and hope that is something the person in this role would diagnose and correct first thing. 


However, in our limited understanding we’ve created teh following system diagrams of how we we believe this should be function. 


These diagrams have been looked at by several solid developers as well as some who work inside of inrupt. 

While we understand that Solid is in the v1.x stage of its existence – we also understand that the roadmap to production should be ready and comparable by the time we’re ready to start work on our commercially viable product. 

Never the less, this is what we’ve sketch out so far: 

Solid Collects / Manages Permissions of Personal Data

Through Integrations, APIs, Surveys, Blockchain and any other source that contains work related data can be connected to the Solid Pod and begin collecting. 

Solid controls and manages the storage and sharing through Dapps. 

The GoBekli architecture would be a Dapp portal that uses a learning intelligent agent to create an understanding of a persons’ that a talent, skills, and behavior patters through ML and NLP. 

The raw data is processed by the IA to create insights

The private and secure data would only be accessed by a personalized learning intelligent agent(designed by other team members/cofounders). It would process the available data into insights that relate directly to the users. 

These insights should be stored in a segmented part of the Solid Pod, where there sharing permissions can be controlled. That would determine which insights are shared with Dapps, Teams,  Companies or the Public. 

Team Portals and Edapps

Key to viability is the team portal, which should be a separate Solid Pod that has non-human or group ownership. 

Those secondary Pods would contain shared insights between the people who opt in. That means we also need a way to have data sharing agreements for team portals. These team portals would be the primary revenue source – So study the needed UX carefully as well as the needed scalability. 

The team portals need to have datasets and layouts that can be changed by Enterprise Dapps, which would be integrations into HRIS, HCMs or employee engagement platforms. – This is our most viable growth hacking opportunity and so is also considered to be mission critical. 

What Your CoWorkers Would Be Responsible For


Head of Experience

  • Charged with the design a UX across the install, setup, micro-moments and extended usage on all UIs and devices, and how they use the hardware and software to engage the senses in a relationship with the mind an way that creations an emotional resonates with the individual user. 
    • Design the Mobile app for using features that are proven to have the desired physiological engagement for behavior change
    • To create empathetic feeling micro interaction variations 
  • Oversee a scalable UI within the app that allows for developers to have room to develop new features through Dapps, while also maintaining standards that ensure Dapps don’t corrupt the core Pythia function. 
  • Ensure the UI is flexible enough to constantly be testing new UI practices that cater to different people / job types. – Lay the foundation for a UI that can change depending on what the IA learns about the user.

The Intelligent Agent (Pythia)

Head of Insights

  • Design, build and oversee the creation of a learning intelligent agent(Pythia) that uses decentralized data to combine with 3rd party AI to produce key insights insights related to each users goals. 
    • To engineer the ability for group goals to influence Pythia
  • To engineer a human centered, trans-platform, interactive  relationship that delivers behavior influencing micro interactions connected to viewable insights, designed to help guide the users to their own goals. 
  • Design the Pythia to be able to scale with more data types, quantities, and through interoperability with existing solutions that can add functionality. 
    • Create the technical foundation for the dapp store to work with or side by side with Pythia.

Communities /Tech You'd be Working With

The Talent AI Community

Decentralization Community


  • 2.88m pre-seed equity valuation for co-founding team
  • GoBekli and the team member will agree on an hourly value/rate that will set.
  • Standard terms will be the agreed hourly rate, multiplied by a monthly hourly expectation to equal the total percentage of the valuation listed above, vested over 24 months. 
  • GoBekli and the team member will agree on the number of hours the team member is expected to contribute for the equity to continue vetsing. 
  • Any additional hours or full time employment will be a separate agreement.

Product Roadmap

Expected 24 Month Commitment

Month 1-2

20-30 hours
The primary mission is the complete the system architecture, verify the long term goals match with the technology possibility. Help reverse engineer the product dev roadmap from the enterprise product down to the MVP.

Months 3-7

>10 hrs/ mo
Consult with the Head of Experience as each stage is developed. Help oversee the implementation of each new step in the architectural build.

Months 8-24

>10 hrs/ mo
Position remains in a consulting/equity position and will help oversee the implementation and team building up to the limit of the agreed upon hours. Beyond that point GoBekli and the cofounder may agree to additional employment terms.