Decentralized Data Science Innovator (coFounder)

Work Smarter, Live Better.
Augmented Human Intelligence for Everyone

Be the Architect to engineer the market standard of Decentralized AI products.

Work with people changing the world
Ground Level Opportunity
Large equity stake


  • Design, build and oversee a decentralized data architecture that maximizes scalability while enabling needed functionality at each stage.
    • Build a forward thinking information management overhead management strategy
  • Expand integrations, interoperability, data exchanges, security, and integrity of the quality of people’s data about their professional value.
  • Serve as ambassador and recruiter for decentralized community


  •  Design a Solid/Decentralized System Architecture
  • Evolve Solid Decentralization Protocol into a scaleable means of decentralizing and keeping people’s data private.
  • Take the added publicity leverage of Solid Decentralization Protocol lead by Tim Berners-Lee and create the advantage of producing a commercially viable and convincing product to beat the other teams much closer to its academic development. 
  • Be an insider of a community from the beginning. This is our strategic business preference to build the system architecture on Solid Protocol.


The well being of the members is essential to the health of the group.


  • Emotionally Intelligent Problem Solving – Finding common ground, mutual respect, engaging in debate with civility, sharing credit and celebrating each other’s success are the trademarks of our company culture.
  • Intellectual Humility – Understanding the limits of one’s own knowledge. Being open to new ideas and a willingness to be receptive to new sources of evidence. Through Intellectual Humility, we are attuned to the needs of the group.
  • Question EverythingNullis in verba, “Take nobody’s word for it”. We seek multiple perspectives, test, experiment and work with the best data we have.
  • Game Theory – Do what is best for the needs of both many and the few. We motivate ourselves to maximize the greatest good for the most people.
  • Venture Forward – Pattern recognition of ourselves and others. We don’t get stuck in the past or repeat cycles.

GoBekli is a PEOPLE first company. We do not serve our enterprise clients’ interests above the interests of the users.


Communities /Tech You'll be Working With

The Talent AI Community

Decentralization Community


  • 2.88m pre-seed equity valuation for co-founding team
  • GoBekli and the team member will agree on an hourly value/rate that will set.
  • Standard terms will be the agreed hourly rate, multiplied by a monthly hourly expectation to equal the total percentage of the valuation listed above, vested over 24 months. 
  • GoBekli and the team member will agree on the number of hours the team member is expected to contribute for the equity to continue vetsing. 
  • Any additional hours or full time employment will be a separate agreement.

Expected 24 Month Commitment

Month 1-2

20-30 hours
The primary mission is the complete the system architecture, verify the long term goals match with the technology possibility. Help reverse engineer the product dev roadmap from the enterprise product down to the MVP.

Months 3-7

>10 hrs/ mo
Consult with the Head of Experience as each stage is developed. Help oversee the implementation of each new step in the architectural build.

Months 8-24

>10 hrs/ mo
Position remains in a consulting/equity position and will help oversee the implementation and team building up to the limit of the agreed upon hours. Beyond that point GoBekli and the cofounder may agree to additional employment terms.