Generate and leverage true talent data!

Development Consulting

For Edtech and HR tech products teams. 

Every platform and organization is different, knowing the technological landscape of emerging technologies and how to use them, is hard. 


Because of that, we offer a no-commitment roadmap consulting period to help platforms and organizations discover the best opportunities to leverage 10x better talent data to solve real world business challenges.

Leverage our team to create a clear strategy for your product's future.

Discovery of Technical Landscape

Gain a detailed understanding of your team's mission/north star of business value that should be driving your learning/talent analytics strategy. Understand the landscape of opportunities to apply emerging technology for strategic advantages.

Solution Plan Development

Gain a detailed understanding that reveals and prioritizes the desired solutions, guided by team and user interviews and our research. We will also itemize key benefits, KPIs/OKRs, timeframes and budgets.

Build Plan Development

Objective: A detailed understanding through a report on the planned logistics of developing, implementing and running the proposed solutions across teams and technologies and budgets.

Solutions we help develop

  • Index, inventory and optimize Learning Experience Content at a micro and macro level
    • Enable easy comparison and visualization of knowledge and skills of courses and what has been earned. 
    • Improved content search and matching algorithms
    • Align data or content from other sources into the same systems
    • Automate learning journeys and alignment 
    • Integrate, data visualization and UX/UI widgets to guide users toward on platform objectives 
    • Build dashboards to manage ontologies, 
    • Verifiably sending and receiving talent data to maintain relationships with learners increase the value of their learning.

    • Skill based workforce planning
    • Improve alignment and fit match of candidates
    • Grow specific needed skills from L&D services
    • Upgrade Talent Pools/Marketplaces with live/true data


    • What are the partner’s goals, priorities, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for better talent visibility growth and management.
    • Which current systems, teams and technologies need to be integrated to deliver the solutions, and how?
    • What is the timeline, process and budget for integrating next generation talent data solutions into your organization’s operations and or product?

    • Cross team business consulting
    • Business viability research & planning 
    • Technical design & systems integration
    • Product development management
    • AI and data science development 
    • UX/UI development
    • QA and maintenance

    We create a common language and structure to map and combine all talent data about individuals from different systems into live comprehensive indexes used to power better management and growth decisions about people.

    • Ontology Creation and Normalization
    • Next Gen AI Skill Tagging
    • Dynamic Graph Databases
    • Inferencing and AI 
    • Analytics and BI tools
    • Systems Integration
    • Micro-Credentialing
    • Dynamic Learning and Education Records