Universal Talent Data Solutions

Gobekli helps organizations quantify the knowledge and skills of their people and their work.

Talent Data Solutions For:


Quantify knowledge and skills in courses and learning experiences

Understand the learning, growth and performance of individuals

Align learning to objectives based on needed knowledge and skills


Quantify expertise from work content

Understand individual talent and performance

Match and grow dynamic skill based teams

HR Tech

Quantify expertise from work content

Understand individual talent and performance

Match and grow dynamic skill based teams


Quantify expertise from work content

Understand individual talent and performance

Match and grow dynamic skill based teams

Solution Roadmap Consulting: ​

A short term consulting package to diagnose and design a solution to your organizations existing talent data challenges.

The roadmap consulting package will take 3-8 weeks depending on scale and client requests, which includes: 

  • A weekly discovery meeting and findings report with a key contact to help guide the development of the roadmap.
  • Gobekli will work in between meetings to assess, analyse and design technical and practical solutions for the client with our tech.
  • There will be bidirectional team access for questions and resources that arise throughout each week as needed to complete the roadmap.

The roadmap will answer: 

  • What are the specific business challenges and goals will be solved with this technology in your company, in what order, and what KPI can we track its impact with?
  • Which current systems, teams and technologies can be integrated into or helped by the solutions?
  • What is the timeline and process for integrating Gobekli solutions into your organization’s operations?

Technical Solutions:

We help organizations produce, consolidate and use data about their people's knowledge and skills to solve business challenges.

Solve Quantification Challenges

Solve Attribution Challenges

Solve Alignment Challenges

The Science & Technology

Apply Cognitive AI and practical Web3 tech to solve real business challenges:

The product we're building:

The Universal Talent Passports

(Coming in 2023)

Learners collect STAMPs along with certificates, badges, and all other work evidence in one secure place.

Make it easy for learners to collect, organize and contextualized their knowledge and skill growth. 

Know Yourself

Manage all of your career certificates, learner records, and work evidence of your knowledge and skills in one easy place to manage, learn from and share.

Build Yourself

Verified, linked talent data, allows you and your organizations to be more informed about where best to invest your time and energy to achieve your goals.

Represent Yourself

Publish, connect and combine your linked talent data for employers, teams, and apps to showcase and use your knowledge and skills better.


Key Features:

  1. We deliver in-app services
    1. Verification and Mapping Services
    2. Folio variation and self representation services
    3. Self improvement AI and Advanced Data and Reporting Options (Pro-Membership) 
  2. We partner with your companies and schools
    1. Learning Quantification Systems (see below)
    2. Talent Data APIs/App Fees (see below)

A verifiable master work and education record individuals can grow, leverage and share from throughout their lives.

A Human Distributed Talent Data Ecosystem

Quantifying Online courses populate an ecosystem of 10x better talent data for everyone.

Can your system or technology benefit from the 10x power of Verified Human Distributed Talent Data?

Organizations will receive verified talent data about their people, from their people.

Our goal is to build the human distributed talent data ecosystem. 

Named after the 12,000 year old temple, Gobekli Tepe, where hunters and gathers became the first civilization builders through the collection and distribution of knowledge, skills and expertise.

About Gobekli

Gobekli creates a common language and platform for individuals to self manage their own verified work and education record. This creates 10x better talent data that helps the organizations they join and themselves. 

Gobekli is a suite of technologies developed to help organizations quantify and share talent data through individuals.

We currently offer, custom consulting based installations for select partners. However, we are building a universal talent passport system anyone can leverage. 

“Project Gobekli” first started as a system Danny built for his marketing agency to quantify talents of individuals for goal based team assignments.

However, the system had limited ability to scale it without consistent or contextualized data or a way to verify.

Because he saw the solution to his problem would also help everyone, he sold his agency, moved from Seattle to Boston and spent 3 years in discovery, research and development and team building a solution to create a universal talent data solutions for everyone.

Gobekli leverages

Groundbreaking Cognitive AI

Emerging technology standards

The demand for skills data

The Team:

Danny Done

Founder/CEO, head of Product

Kayode Ezike

Decentralization Architect and Chief Data Scientist

Sam Gersten

Business and Customer Operations

David Rosen

Strategic Enterprise Advisor

Jakub Smidt

AI Dev Team Lead

Marek Paulik

Data Scientist

Harri Ketamo

CEO of HeadAI and inventor of Cognitive AI

Brian Chapman

Product Deployment Management