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We help our school, employer and service partners educate their teams, roadmap strategies and build integrated solutions on the emerging LER ecosystem.

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The Emerging LER Ecosystem

The Learning and Employment Record Ecosystem is the new layer of the internet being created for Work and Education records and is designed to be integrated allow organizations to be able to issue, review and integrate data in trusted ways to and from individuals in self sovereign ways. 


Those already issuing digital credentials have taken the first step in joining this ecosystem, but so much more is possible.  

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This image is a derivative of the original work published by the P1484.2 workgroup under the CC-BY license.

Benefits of integrating with LER Ecosystem:

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Organization Laying Foundations and Leading The Way:

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The LER ecosystem offers the promise of radically improving the relationships between people and organizations.

Helping everyone build their futures.

A Scaleable LER Wallet Partner

For easy and customizable deployment and integration

We offer an advanced LER Credential Wallet we call a Universal Talent Passport, or UTP, which not only gives individuals an easy way to collect, combine filter and share their work and education record, but also create a two way connection with partner organizations with the aid of an AI assistant.  

Gobekli makes it easy for organizations to adapt
at their own pace, in their own way:

For Organizations

Unified LER Solutions

We help our partner organizations understand, design and build integrated, future ready, human capital and learning management data solutions. 


We also provide simple development and pilot packages to use our technology to quickly and easily achieve needed solutions. 

For Their People

Universal Talent Passports

While your custom LER solutions can work with any credential wallet provider, we offer scaleable Passport Pages in our Universal Talent Passports to our partners.

Passport Pages are a customizable and , out of the box solution that works for their people and is flexible enough to collect and adopt the kind of data that their systems would require. 

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