Head of Product / Human/AI Experience (coFounder)

Oversee the creation of the first commercialized decentralized interoperable intelligent agent

Essential Functions include

Lead Insights

  • Design, build and oversee the creation of a learning intelligent agent(Pythia) that uses decentralized data to combine with 3rd party AI to produce key insights insights related to each users goals.
    • To engineer the ability for group goals to influence Pythia
  • To engineer a human centered, trans-platform, interactive  relationship that delivers behavior influencing micro interactions connected to viewable insights, designed to help guide the users to their own goals. 
  • Design the Pythia to be able to scale with more data types, quantities, and through interoperability with existing solutions that can add functionality.
    • Create the technical foundation for the dapp store to work with or side by side with Pythia.

Lead Experience

  • Charged with the design a UX across the install, setup, micro-moments and extended usage on all UIs and devices, and how they use the hardware and software to engage the senses in a relationship with the mind an way that creations an emotional resonates with the individual user. 
    • Design the Mobile app for using features that are proven to have the desired physiological engagement for behavior change
    • To create empathetic feeling micro interaction variations 
  • Oversee a scalable UI within the app that allows for developers to have room to develop new features through Dapps, while also maintaining standards that ensure Dapps don’t corrupt the core Pythia function. 
  • Ensure the UI is flexible enough to constantly be testing new UI practices that cater to different people / job types. – Lay the foundation for a UI that can change depending on what the IA learns about the user.

For People

For Businesses

Design and prototype the UI/UX

We are looking for someone who can craft a human centered, trans UI, interactive experience of a learning intelligent agent. 

The ideal candidate would have both a strong background in Mobile Development as well as AI, ML and NLP. 

It would be fantastic if this person also had personal interest in sociology, philosophy, history and other studies of human nature. 

The goal would be to create a decentralized intelligent agent (Code named Pythia), who’s purpose is to help it’s users “Know themselves” 

Pythia would exist within and interact through the Experience structure of GoBekli, which is a platform centered around a consumer App which is a portal of augmented intelligence to help them achieve whatever ideal work life is for them.


Design and prototype Pythia

Our goal is to create the foundation for an intelligent agent that can be customized for every user and securely use their decentralized data, which will be engineered by the your collegues. 

Our Design So Far:

Augmented Intelligence - AI Needs to serve Humans in a way that feels human

Steve Jobs said the computer is the bicycle of the mind… The genius of apple was how it humanized technology. It created a UX that felt natural to the mind first through the mouse and GUI, and human centered design was always at the center of the innovation. 

Creating technology that augments not just our minds but our humanity is the goal. 

The result and the benefit was showcasing the empowerment of people to be more fully human. To “Push the human race forward” 

If the computer is the bicycle of the mind, then AI Intelligent agents are automobile. 

Where people were once bound to their own momentum, initiative, research, self discipline and work to utilize the available resources of all the information to apply it to your life, GoBekli creates a combustion engine of information to allow humans to reach their ultimate human potential, unbound by the limitations of their own starting knowledge, experience or network. 

What are we really really selling?​

How do we create those feelings?​

Faith in yourself​

Hope for a brighter future​

Love what you do​

These modes of feeling creation and their desired emotional response become the Human Centered Design Goal Framework. ​

We need the design of the experience to weave in these goals by thinking about these humans using the available devices, apps, and integrations. 

This will have a direct impact on the following things, which will directly impact design: 

So how should we design it? ​

At the end of the dat we’re competing for everyone’s phone/screen/brain time just like every other app. 

Because we operate in a strange boundary between work and personal time, we have to think about what state of mind we want our users to be in that would make them want to spend more time in the app as opposed to what any other app or anything else they could be spending their time doing. 

We need to find that one thing that we deliver better than anyone else. 

I’ve heard it said that the reason why Tiktok is successful is because the experience you get is such a curated mix of media that you feel like you’re in the middle of the best party you’ve every been invited to. 

It gives you a total dopamine escape by rapid firing authentic and highly curated content you’ll find interesting or intreating. – It engages you instantly. 

Each social network, app or platform succeeds not because it accomplishes a technical function, but because it achieves the end goals of it’s primary user base with it’s primary feature. 

That means we need to choose where we want people to spend 80% of their time on our app. And we need that one feature to be the one thing that people get sucked into. 

However, our goal isn’t to recreate the endorphins and dopamines of your perfect party. Instead, we have a a different set of emotional goals. 

What we’re most similar to your dream work retreat. Imagine a space that’s removed from work where you can have time to work on yourself as well as time to truly understand and collaborate with your co-wrkers. The week is filled with nothing but valuable insight on how things are really going for you and your team, as well as inspiration, motivation and useful tips to work better together. 

You need to feel smarter and it needs to be more fun, the longer you use it.

For them to spend more time, they need to be scrolling.

We must have the most compelling and relevant and fun work related newsfeed worth scrolling and engaging on than any other app. ​

Because of that we want our users to spend 80% of their time on the app on this tab: ​

What needs to be in the feed to make it accomplish the emotional goals in a sticky way?​

We need more than just insights on the feed.​

It needs to also provide inspiration and new ideas that relate to the insights. ​

99% of our Branding will be in the experience of the App itself. Because of that we need to make the content in this feel make people FEEL.​

It needs to feel like a fire hose of curated valuable insights where even the gaps are filled with carefully selected micro messages to help you out. ​

What content types will be in the insights feed?​





Note: the feed should almost feel like conversation on super speed. You can scroll and see a different mix of topics you can choose to engage with. Unlike an inpersonal newsfeed everything on this feed is addressed to you and is about your work life. 

Because of this it works a little bit more like a dating app like bumble or tinder – where you’ll check your phone once more insights are created(Similar to getting a match). You’ll spend a little more time looking at and have a higher engagement rate than your average feed because of it’s targeted nature for your benefit. 

You may only get a few dozen insights a day – so if you blow by and ignore them you might lose them.

We want people to consider ideas for about as long as they would consider a date.  

What Your CoWorkers Would Be Responsible For

Decentralized Data Architecture

Dapp Integrations/Interoperability

Head of Data Science

  • Design, build and oversee a decentralized data architecture that maximizes scalability while enabling needed functionality at each stage.
    • Build a forward thinking information management overhead management strategy. 
  • Expand integrations, interoperability, data exchanges, security, and integrity of the quality of people’s data about their professional value.
  • Serve as ambassador and recruiter for decentralized community. 

Communities /Tech You'd be Working With

The Talent AI Community

Decentralization Community


  • 2.88m pre-seed equity valuation for co-founding team
  • GoBekli and the team member will agree on an hourly value/rate that will set.
  • Standard terms will be the agreed hourly rate, multiplied by a monthly hourly expectation to equal the total percentage of the valuation listed above, vested over 24 months. 
  • GoBekli and the team member will agree on the number of hours the team member is expected to contribute for the equity to continue vetsing. 
  • Any additional hours or full time employment will be a separate agreement.

Product Roadmap

Expected 24 Month Commitment

Month 1-2

40-60 hours
The primary mission is the complete the system architecture, verify the long term goals match with the technology possibility. Help reverse engineer the product dev roadmap from the enterprise product down to the MVP.

Months 3-7

>30 hrs/ mo
Consult with the Head of Experience as each stage is developed. Help oversee the implementation of each new step in the architectural build.

Months 8-24

>30 hrs/ mo
Position remains in a consulting/equity position and will help oversee the implementation and team building up to the limit of the agreed upon hours. Beyond that point GoBekli and the cofounder may agree to additional employment terms.