Human Distributed Talent Data

Human Distributed Talent Data

We envision a world where individuals have control of all evidence of their entire work & education history in the palm of their hands. 


In order to accomplish that, we had what people called “A big brother problem” because we couldn’t encourage people to collect and hand over all of their data to yet another corporation, even if it’s us, & with the best of intentions. 


Because of that, Gobekli as a concept requires the dialectic of Talent AI + Human Centering. This means that to build Gobekli we required a human data distribution protocol, and that’s exactly what Solid is. 


By tying a Solid pod with stackable credential wallets, Gobekli allows it’s users to not only claim and stack their blockchain credentials, but also combine the data from those credentials with other files and evidence into a unified archive of all of an individuals work and education history. 

Solid allows the user to build and manage their Universal Talent Passport by combining stackable credential wallets, work app connections, portfolio items & links into a master index of organized data sources. 

The data sources from the Universal Talent Passport feed into the Solid Pod, where a they are organized into a graph databases, where the User can interact with their data. 


Blockchain credentials can give an individuals self-sovereign identity… Solid gives you a self-soverign body of data to attach to it, allowing for true web3 citizenship & personhood.  

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Self-Organizing Ontologies

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Concept Sequencing

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Verified Human Knowledge Maps

We distribute verified talent maps to individuals using Verified Credentials & blockchain networks.

Self-Soverign Verified Talent Data

We leverage human distributed Solid Pods to give the user ownership and control to combine and share their data, creating a Human Distributed Talent Ecosystem