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Gobekli is a Human Centered App & AI Ecosystem that bridges data silos, unlocks collective intelligence & empowers everyone to reach their potential.

Executive Summary

A one page overview of what Gobekli is, where we're at and what we're asking for.

The Video Deck

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The Technical Deck

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Gobekli gives everyone the power to Reach their Potential through AI.

We believe AI should help people, not replace them.

AI should help everyone:

AI should be a trusted ally

Pythia - Your AI Advisor

Pythia is your guide to understanding the insights that your data and teams are producing. She helps you find solutions and solve hidden problems to achieve your goals in tandem with those of your teams.

Gobekli puts humans in control

With Human Centered Technology

Example Conversation

Gobekli creates a highly scaleable
Human Centered AI Ecosystem that:

  • Bridges all data silos
  • Unlocks collective intelligence
  • Empowers people to improve themselves
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    This allows us to monetize through:

    Team Portals

    Team Portals create bridges between the untapped & siloed data in every work app to power self-optimizing people and teams. Join or create team portals to expand your insights & intelligence to a broader context.

    For everyone

    For leaders/ companies


    The My Data portal can not only create a platform, marketplace and ecosystem for Dapps and developers, but it also creates an ethical marketplace for people to share their data for recruitment, advertising control, etc.

    Our Team and Partners

    Leadership Team

    Signed AI Technology Partners

    Signed AI Technology Partners

    Core Development Team

    Decentralization Partners


    Device Decentralization Protocol, putting people in physical control of their data. Our key partners are:

    The Solid Community

    Cloud Decentralization Protocol, putting humans in control of their remote data. Key community members we're collaborating with:

    Go To Market Strategy

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    Projected Sales By 2026

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