Sponsor our Product Development

Gobekli Alpha Partner Program

An R&D sponsorship that converts into Alpha client advantages

Advantages our sponsoring partners receive:

Influence the product & features

Have a say on technologies, features, pricing, and resalable options. 

Pre-Launch Sponsorship Period Deliverables

  • A monthly report to key contact
    • Progress
    • Discoveries/data
    • Opportunities
  • Feedback Survey
  • Option to meet any time

Secure favorable terms

Lock in community advantages, influence and discounts.


Post launch Alpha Client Status Advantages

  • Negotiable partial credit of total R&D on annual license
  • Negotiable perpetual discounts
  • Advisory board and standards committee opportunities
  • Reseller/white-label advantages

Help Kickstart Product Development

Make sure we’re developing Gobekli with your key use cases, ideal features and technology sets prioritized, while providing the support and feedback we need to build it right.