Talent Ontologies
and Semantic Interoperability

At Gobekli, we understand the vital role of creating meaning within the realm of talent data. Our mission goes beyond mere data collection; we’re committed to forging a path that establishes true understanding through talent ontologies and semantic interoperability.

To achieve this, we employ a multifaceted approach. First, we utilize various methods to construct meaningful crosswalks to public standards, ensuring that the data we capture resonates with universally accepted structures. Additionally, we add an extra layer of dimensionality by measuring experiences through STAMP (Standardize Talent Asset Mapping Protocol), guaranteeing a comprehensive understanding of an individual’s unique journey.

Furthermore, Gobekli pioneers the development of machine-readable competency standards, ushering in a new era of precision in the assessment of talent. We work closely with esteemed partner organizations such as Onet, EMSI, HeadAI, Credential Engine, and public registries. This ensures that the talent data within our Passport holds meaning for all stakeholders. Together, we’re creating a world where talent is comprehensible, universally recognized, and truly empowered.

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