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Gain a competitive edge in a world being rapidly shaped by data and AI for:

We help our school, employer and service partners educate their teams, roadmap strategies and build integrated solutions on the emerging LER ecosystem.

Connect to the new layer of the internet
for work and education records

The Emerging LER Ecosystem

The Learning and Employment Record Ecosystem is the new layer of the internet being created for Work and Education records and is designed to be integrated allow organizations to be able to issue, review and integrate data in trusted ways to and from individuals in self sovereign ways. 


Those already issuing digital credentials have taken the first step in joining this ecosystem, but so much more is possible.  

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This image is a derivative of the original work published by the P1484.2 workgroup under the CC-BY license.

Benefits of integrating with LER Ecosystem:

For Schools

For Employers

For Individuals

More About The Emerging Ecosystem:

Organization Laying Foundations and Leading The Way:

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Create custom LER solutions for your organization:

Designed to help any organization understand, strategize, develop and implement their own LER and AI services, our partnership packages create an accessible way for your organization to build or adapt their Learning and Employment Records strategy for the future. 


We provide three tiers of partnership based on your organizations stage of development that allow for easy and scalable access to the information, technology, strategies and talent to ensure your organization is future ready, in their own way. 

  • Tier 1
    Consult & Educate
  • Tier 2
    Develop & Innovate
  • Tier 3
    Passport Partnership
Partnerships include: Tier 1
Consult & Educate
Tier 2
Develop & Innovate
Tier 3
Passport Partnership
Partnerships include:
An assigned partnership manager
Will work with your key contacts to understand the state of your organization’s strategy and facilitate merging of strategies.
Executive consulting for Institutional strategy and implementation recommendation 10 hrs included25 hrs included50 hrs included
Add strategic consulting a la carte
Get regular LER industry updates and summaries
Get access to exclusive LER education resources
Get updates and give feedback on Gobekli product developments
Add technical consulting a la carte
Access to AI and LER development contractors
Access to licenses APIs/SaaS
Pilot Passport Pages with your People
Book MeetingBook MeetingBook Meeting


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