Quantify Learning.

Human attributed talent data will power the future of work and education.

For education providers:

Measure, Map & Attribute Knowledge and Skills

An LMS integrated service to map the knowledge and skills of online courses and attribute completed learning to individuals.

Knowledge and skill inventories, goal based recommendations, learner journey and KPIs.

The foundation of work and education will be built on verified, human distributed talent data.

For Everyone:

Universal Talent Passports enable learners to collect verified maps & combine all their talent data.

Extend the value of learning with scaleable context.

Make it easy for learners collect, organize and contextualized their knowledge and skill growth. 

Extend the value of the education with transparency.

EdTech and HRTech will be fed by verified knowledge and skills of their people from their people.

Our goal is to create a human distributed verifiable talent data ecosystem. 

For Business:

Integrations & Apps

A Human Distributed Talent Data Ecosystem

Quantifying Online courses populate an ecosystem of 10x better talent data for everyone.

Can your system or technology benefit from the 10x power of Verified Human Distributed Talent Data?

The Team:

Danny Done


Kayode Ezike

Decentralization Architect

Jakub Smidt

AI Dev Team Lead

Steve Ardire

AI Startup Advisor

Marek Paulik

Data Scientist

Jan Newmann

AI Software Developer

Harri Ketamo

CEO of HeadAI

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The Science & Technology

Building Human Rights into industry4.0

Gobekli believes that the future we build should be one of intention and be designed to sustainably and ethically scale for the good of humanity. As we look toward the 4th industrial revolution, where the economy will be run more by machine and AI on a self evolving trajectory, we have to be intentional about where we place humans in that ecosystem and what sort of agency we use to empower ourselves and future generations.

Therefore, Gobekli is not just built with ethics and human rights in mind, but its design has several elements inspired directly from established fields of metaphysics and philosophy. We believe that, in order to rise above the challenges of the future, we must learn to stand on the shoulders of giants both living and past, in all fields of human knowledge.