Creators of Pythia-UTP,
Builders of Unified LER Solutions


An AI companion app for self-representation and growth.

Pythia-UTP is a next generation AI powered LER Credential Wallet (AKA Univeal Talent Passport) that helps you collect, mange, filter and share all of your work and education, data for personal growth, professional development and self-representation for either. 

The app helps you create VISA profiles (Variable Individual Self-Analytics) that are custom profiles that showcase your expertise, skills, experience and relevant interests for any opportunity, meeting, or occasion. 

A Universal Talent Passport app, for Everyone!

Connecting the New Layer of the Internet for Human Centered Data

(Aka the emerging Learning and Employment Record, or LER, Ecosystem)

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Gobekli helps people and organizations
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For Organizations

Unified LER Solutions

We help our partner organizations understand, design and build integrated, future ready, human capital and learning management data solutions. 


We also provide simple development and pilot packages to use our technology to quickly and easily achieve needed solutions. 

For People

Universal Talent Passports

While your custom LER solutions can work with any credential wallet provider, we offer scaleable Passport Pages in our Universal Talent Passports to our partners.

Passport Pages are a customizable and , out of the box solution that works for their people and is flexible enough to collect and adopt the kind of data that their systems would require. 

Delivering true talent visibility
to power the 4th industrial revolution