Solving the biggest challenges in work and education through human centered data

We are an early stage startup building human centered talent data solutions on the emerging LER(Learning and Employment Record) Ecosystem. (Learn More)

For Everyone

How UTPs are secure and trusted:


  • Your data belongs to you and stays on your device or chosen web3 pod, the device can help you set up. 
  • Built on LER and DID and Verified Credential technology to provide institutional trust when used by individuals.

Universal Talent Passports

We are pioneering a new class of app we call a Universal Talent Passport, or UTP.

The UTP is designed to help everyone better understand, represent and build themselves by empowering them with their own talent data and the tools to fully leverage and share it where needed.

Universal Talent Passports are a giant leap forward for the future of work and education because they provide ethical, always up to date, true and secure source of data about people and their talents to power better partnerships and cooperation between humans and their organizations, for mutual benefit. 


We call our UTP App Pythia, after the oracle of Delphi, who’s goal is to help you know yourself. 

Chat with the Pythia AI to quantify your talent data, identify opportunities and growth paths, and get help in the writing and submission of applications, resumes, or any needed presentation or sharing of your data. 

Delivering Talent and Learning Visibility where and when it's needed:

For Organizations

Passport Pages for Orgs

Integrate talent data shared by your people into existing systems or use to augment existing services and processes that require talent data. 

In addition to housing any verified credentials issued by an organization, Passport Pages allow for an organization to structure requests for data in different services throughout their organization, and allows the user to see and give consent to how their data is used by the Org. 

They can also grant Pythia access to additional knowledge about opportunities or resources provided by the institution and allowing Pythia to help individuals navigate and leverage internal opportunities with ease.

Because each organization is a Page in their peoples’ stories. 

For Schools

For Employers

For Platforms

Helping everyone represent themselves
and build their futures.

Delivering true talent visibility
to power the 4th industrial revolution