The Universal Talent Passport System

Helping people and organizations grow better by quantifying the work and education of individuals.

STAMP™: Standardized Talent Asset Mapping Protocol.


A technology that creates stackable talent data files that document the knowledge and skills of work performed by people in digital systems.

STAMP™ creates linked data file maps of the knowledge and skills gained from digital work or learning systems, such as courses, projects, assignments, papers, tasks, assessments, meetings, presentations, reviews etc.


Benefits of applying STAMP™ technology:

For Educators

  • Special solutions consulting and development.
    • We will consult with with your team for bespoke usecases and product development.
  • Leverage Edtech Integrations when we release them:
    • Scheduled partners include LMS's such as Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle and more. 
    • You can also sponsor development on your desired edtech platform's ecosystem integration. 

For Employers

  • Special solutions consulting and development.
    • We will consult with with your team for bespoke usecases and product development.
  • Leverage HR Tech integrations when we release them:
    • You can also sponsor development on your desired HR platform's API ecosystem as part of a special consulting and development relationship. 

Interested Academic or Corporate solutions?

Science & Technology behind STAMP

STAMP leverages our innovations in ontological refraction indexing and concept sequencing to attribute semantically interoperable psychometric data to individuals.

Our clients can use their choice of taxonomies to create the STAMP refracted ontologies

Technology Integration Services:

We work directly with Edtech and HR tech partners to create custom installations of STAMP that leverage our technology to accomplish current business objectives. 

EdTech Integration Services

HR Tech Integration Services

We build custom solutions for our partners to leverage this data to solve their challenges or add functionality to their platforms.

We have scaleable teams of data scientists and software developers available to work with partner in the development of custom applications using STAMP technology and data.

Interested in integrating STAMP data to your technology platform?

Gobekli's Passports empower individuals to collect, combine, and re-distribute their own verified talent data back to organizations as needed.

STAMP not only allows distribution of data to Passports, but allows organizations to receive and leverage data from individuals in return.

For Everyone:

Universal Talent Passports

(Coming 2023)

An app for individuals to easily collect, manage and share their comprehensive work and education records and live data.

Learners collect STAMPs along with certificates, badges, and all other work evidence in one secure place.

Make it easy for learners to collect, organize and contextualized their knowledge and skill growth. 

EdTech and HRTech will be fed by verified knowledge and skills of their people by their people.

Our goal is to create a human distributed verifiable talent data ecosystem. 

The Team:

Danny Done

Founder/CEO, head of Product

Kayode Ezike

Decentralization Architect and Chief Data Scientist

Sam Gersten

Business and Customer Operations

David Rosen

Strategic Enterprise Solutions Advisor

Jakub Smidt

AI Dev Team Lead

Marek Paulik

Sr. Data Scientist

Harri Ketamo

CEO of HeadAI and inventor of Cognitive AI

Brian Chapman

Product Deployment Management