The Universal Talent Passport System

The future of humanity depends on how well we learn to work, together.

Closing the $8.5T skill gap

In order to balance the supply and demand for talent in a rapidly evolving economy a new standard is being defined to verifiably automate the quantification, alignment, growth acquisition and management of talent with true and comprehensive data. 

Gobekli provides the technology, tools and expertise for education providers and employers to profitably evolve these recommended ecosystems.


  • Verified Credentials: Enable digital certificates and badging programs. Verified credentials are essentially sealed envelopes to securely and transparently attribute an achievement to an individual 
  • LER(Learning and Employment Records) are groupings or packages of verified credentials wrapped into a verifiable presentation. 
  • Open Competency Standards: Machine readable, multi- dimensional talent standards profiles. 
  • LER Ecosystem Standards. 


The above standards have been established and are collaboratively being developed by: 

  • IEEE 
  • US Chamber of Commerce Foundation T3 Innovation Network 
  • IMS Global(1Edtech) 
  • Credential Engine 

Gobekli makes it easy for organizations to adopt and leverage these emerging standards and grow themselves into an LER ecosystem in ways that deliver business solutions to their stakeholders at every level. 

Enabling customizable and embedded talent data solutions across EdTech and HR Tech platforms for operators' needs.

For Education Providers

For Employers

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The Universal Talent Passport System

A customizable integration platform that creates LER Ecosystems for education providers and employers by allowing them to harmonize and leverage data across their existing systems, with verifiable data from other stakeholders.

Delivering true talent visibility
to power the 4th industrial revolution