The Universal Talent Passport System

Visualize and Leverage All of Your Talent

Build Your Future

Helping everyone better navigate and access work and education throughout their lives.

Building Your Passport is Easy!:

Join our pilot this Spring!

Get better opportunities, collaboration, guidance and recognition.

This pilot will be the foundation of:

The Universal Talent Passport System

Our goal is to give everyone an easy to use, secure, self-sovereign, comprehensive, verifiable, quantifiable, and shareable record of their work and education that they can carry to and build from each school or employer they join throughout their lives. 

Quantify and prove your earned expertise for any context​

Grow yourself intelligently toward your goals and objectives

Get more aligned jobs and integrate faster into teams

Delivering true talent visibility
to power the 4th industrial revolution

Gobekli for Organizations:

Leverage 10x better talent data integrated across systems

Scope a Pilot in your Org:

Schools and Employers can commission us to design consulting based installs and pilots to validate use cases and the best way to augment their existing processes and technologies with Passport data. 


Organizations can leverage our technology suite to harmonize Passport and existing talent data, as well as generate and attribute new data and insights from existing systems. 


In 2024 we plan on releasing a SAAS tool for organizations to build their own Transcendent  Analytics Organizations, which we are calling the TAO Dashboard. 


Gobekli for Employers

Gobekli for Schools