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People and organizations can’t keep up with the rate of change in our world today.

We make it easy for:

Individuals to unleash their potential using verifiable data and AI.

Organizations to partner with, help, and leverage them in doing so.

Individuals need a better form of
self-representation to reach their potential

TalentPass is an app anyone can use to represent and grow themselves

(A next generation LER credential wallet anyone can use, and any organization can partner with)

A Universal Talent Passport App to help individuals represent and grow themselves with the power of Verifiable Learning and Employment Records and an AI enhanced interface:

A Universal Talent Passport is an advanced LER Credential Wallet that helps individuals collect, mange, filter and share all of their work and education records and data in a quantifiable, verifiable and useable way for self-representation, personal growth and professional development with the help of AI throughout. 

Create VISA (Variable Individual Self-Analytics) profiles that showcase your expertise, skills, experience and relevant interests for any opportunity, meeting, or occasion. 

Share your VISA profiles with individuals and organizations as needed through public and private links, or dedicated passport pages. 


Universal Talent Passports are built using Verifiable Credentials and Self-Soverign Data technology. The credential wallet technology it’s built on allows you to claim, filter and present verifiable credentials and then save, manage and interact with your data in a secure and self-sovereign way. 

Pythia is an AI companion woven throughout the Universal Talent Passport app experience that helps you collect, organize, expand on, log, every aspect of your talent and life story into data you can leverage, filter, and share to help you represent and grow yourself.

The Central Talent Tree is an interwoven categorization of every aspect, or branch, of your talent including Agency, Motivations, Identity, Interests, Experiences, Responses, Voice, Technical Skills, Human Skills, Wisdom, Cognitive Intelligence, Creative Intelligence and Potential. 

Each brach can be filled with any combination or quality of 4 different kinds of stories: Credentialed Stories, Self-Attested Stories, Surveyed Stories, and Calculated Stories. 

These stories create modules that can be added to VISA profiles and shared as desired. 

Within the Passport organizations can sponsor dedicated Pages to create a two way exchange of data. These can be setup by schools, employers, service providers, governments, or 3rd party app developers to provide verifiable data and integrated resources in exchange for a VISA profile they can adopt use in their systems. 

Organizations need better & more trustworthy
data from individuals in order to build
scaleable AI solutions.

TalentPass helps organizations request, share and integrate data with their people

Allowing any organization to partner with their people in the exchange of trusted, mutually beneficial data:

A Passport Page in this context is a specialized section within the broader Universal Talent Passport ecosystem. It is specifically designed for organizations to sponsor and engage in a reciprocal exchange of data with individuals. Here’s a more accurate description:

A Passport Page is a segment of the Universal Talent Passport platform that organizations can sponsor to facilitate a two-way exchange of data with individuals. This innovative approach allows organizations to:

  1. Reward Individuals: Provide individuals with their earned Learning and Employment Records (LER), acknowledging their achievements and contributions within the academic or professional environment.

  2. Collect VISA Profiles: Receive tailored data from individuals in the form of VISA (Variable Individual Self Analytics) profiles. These profiles offer organizations insights into the talents, preferences, and potential of their members, aiding in personalized engagement and decision-making.

  3. Offer Embedded Services: Integrate various services directly into the Passport Page, such as career development tools, learning platforms, and other resources that support the individual’s growth and engagement with the organization.

  4. Provide Essential Resources: Make available important documents and resources that help individuals understand and navigate the organization’s environment, policies, and opportunities, effectively serving as a guide for their journey within the organization.

  5. Enhance Communication: Introduce added story types and conversation features to the platform, facilitating richer, more meaningful interactions between the organization and the individual. These features can be used for updates, feedback, and continuous dialogue, enhancing the sense of community and belonging.

In essence, the Passport Page acts as a dynamic interface between the individual and the organization, promoting a mutually beneficial relationship. It not only recognizes and rewards individual achievements but also enables organizations to understand and leverage the unique talents within their community. This approach fosters a more connected, informed, and responsive organizational culture, enhancing both individual and collective growth.

Verifiable Data: 

The Universal Talent Passport is first and foremost an LER credential wallet allowing for the collection of badges and verifiable credentials including LERs CLRs and other trustworthy forms and collecting and and sharing data. 

Self-Attested Data: 

Information about past work, volunteer, hobbies, extracurriculars, or anything else that might provide relevant experience but can only be self attested. This data allows the individual to add supporting evidence to these elements of their story adding a layer of trust. 

Surveyed or Assessed Data: 

The Passport pages can delivery particular survey or assessment results administered or collect in the app then deliver it to the organization in a machine actionable format. 

Calculated Data: 

The App can generate interoperable, adoptable and trustworthy data about individuals’ skills, experiences, responses, interests, motivations, voice, wisdom and potential. 

Passport Pages on Gobekli.io can help make various HR functions more equitable by providing a transparent, inclusive, and accessible platform for managing employee information, experiences, and achievements. Here are some ways in which Passport Pages can enhance equity in HR functions:

  1. Recruitment and Onboarding: By standardizing the presentation of candidates’ backgrounds and skills, Passport Pages can help reduce unconscious biases in the hiring process. It ensures that candidates are evaluated based on their qualifications and experiences, rather than subjective factors. During onboarding, new hires can easily share their professional background and learn about their colleagues, fostering a more inclusive workplace culture.

  2. Performance Management: Passport Pages can offer a more comprehensive view of an employee’s contributions and achievements, beyond traditional performance metrics. This holistic approach can help in recognizing diverse forms of value that employees bring to the organization, promoting equity in performance evaluations and career advancements.

  3. Learning and Development: By tracking and showcasing employees’ learning initiatives and certifications, Passport Pages can encourage continuous personal and professional growth. It ensures equitable access to development opportunities, allowing employees to pursue learning in a way that aligns with their career goals and learning styles.

  4. Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives: Passport Pages can highlight employees’ diverse backgrounds, interests, and skills, fostering a culture of inclusion and belonging. By valuing and showcasing diversity, organizations can create a more equitable and supportive environment for all employees.

  5. Compensation and Benefits: With a comprehensive overview of each employee’s role, achievements, and development, Passport Pages can support fair and transparent compensation practices. It ensures that pay and benefits are aligned with the employee’s contributions, skills, and market standards, promoting equity in compensation.

  6. Succession Planning: By providing a clear overview of employees’ skills, experiences, and career aspirations, Passport Pages can facilitate equitable succession planning. It ensures that talent identification and development are based on merit and potential, reducing biases in the selection process for leadership roles.

Incorporating Passport Pages into these HR functions can help organizations build a more equitable workplace by ensuring transparency, fairness, and inclusivity in their HR practices.

Passport Pages can offer a range of benefits to individuals, whether they are students or employees, by facilitating the management, sharing, and utilization of their Learning and Employment Records (LER) data. Here’s how Passport Pages can deliver value:

  1. Comprehensive LER Data Management: Individuals can securely store and manage their LER data, including academic achievements, certifications, work experiences, and skills. This centralized repository ensures that their data is organized and accessible when needed.

  2. Talent Data Sharing: Passport Pages allow individuals to share their talent data with the organization proactively. This feature enables them to showcase their skills, achievements, and potential contributions, facilitating better alignment with organizational needs and opportunities.

  3. Access to Organizational Resources: Passport Pages can integrate resources such as the student or employee handbook for Pythia-UTP, providing individuals with easy access to essential information and guidelines. This helps them navigate the organization more effectively, understand expectations, and leverage available opportunities and support systems.

  4. Personalized Talent Tree Development: The platform can help individuals add “story types” to their talent tree, representing different aspects of their professional and personal development journey. This feature allows for a more nuanced and comprehensive portrayal of their growth and achievements.

  5. Preparation for ViiSA Updates and Engagements: Passport Pages can facilitate conversations and engagements related to ViiSA updates or other critical data updates. This ensures that the organization has the most current and accurate information about the individual, aiding in compliance and personal record keeping.

  6. Enhanced Engagement with the Organization: By enabling dynamic updates and interactions, Passport Pages fosters a more engaged relationship between individuals and the organization. It allows for real-time feedback, updates, and communication, enhancing the sense of connection and belonging.

  7. Empowerment through Data Ownership: Passport Pages empower individuals by giving them ownership and control over their data. They can decide what information to share and with whom, promoting autonomy and respect for their privacy and preferences.

Overall, Passport Pages serve as a powerful tool for individuals, enabling them to manage their professional and academic data effectively, engage more deeply with the organization, and navigate their development and career paths with greater confidence and support.

Passport Pages can significantly contribute to creating more equitable and inclusive experiences for individuals in the workplace by offering a platform that acknowledges and values diverse backgrounds, skills, and achievements. Here’s how it can make a difference:

  1. Recognition of Diverse Talents and Achievements: By enabling individuals to record and share a wide range of talents and achievements, Passport Pages ensures that diverse forms of contributions are recognized and valued. This inclusivity fosters a sense of belonging and appreciation for varied experiences and skills.

  2. Equal Opportunities for Growth and Development: Passport Pages can democratize access to opportunities within the organization by providing a transparent system where everyone’s accomplishments and potential are visible. This can help ensure that all individuals, regardless of their background, have equal chances for growth and advancement.

  3. Personalized Support and Resources: With the integration of organizational resources, like handbooks and guides, individuals receive tailored support that helps them navigate the workplace effectively. This accessibility to information can level the playing field, particularly for those who might be new to the organization or less familiar with its norms and procedures.

  4. Facilitation of Open Dialogue and Feedback: The platform can encourage open communication between individuals and the organization, enabling a continuous exchange of feedback, aspirations, and concerns. This open dialogue is crucial for building an inclusive culture where everyone feels heard and valued.

  5. Empowerment through Data Ownership: By giving individuals control over their data, Passport Pages empowers them to present themselves authentically and share their stories on their terms. This empowerment is key to fostering an inclusive environment where people feel confident in their identity and contributions.

  6. Support for Life-long Learning: The emphasis on learning and development within Passport Pages can help create a culture that values continuous improvement and personal growth. This approach is inclusive of different learning styles and paths, acknowledging that everyone has unique strengths and areas for development.

  7. Visibility and Accessibility: Passport Pages make it easier for everyone, regardless of their role or level in the organization, to access and understand the diverse backgrounds and capabilities within the workforce. This visibility can help break down silos and promote a more integrated and inclusive workplace.

Overall, Passport Pages can play a pivotal role in fostering a workplace culture that is equitable and inclusive, where every individual has the opportunity to thrive and contribute to their fullest potential.

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