Helping individuals and organizations see,
leverage and grow their talent.

A Universal Talent Passport app:


    • Stand out for, and seize, any aligned opportunity!

    • Strategically grow yourself with your own talent data and a private AI assistant.

    • Integrate with schools, employers and apps as needed for better services and opportunites.

TalentPass is a Universal Talent Passport (Or Advanced LER Credential Wallet)
by Gobekli that anyone can use, and any organization can partner with.

Creating data organizations need
by helping individuals
represent and grow themselves

Integrated LER Solutions for Organizations

Gobekli helps organizations create, adopt and leverage
interoperable LER data to build scaleable and
human centered solutions in work and education.

(LER solutions include but are not limited to TalentPass integrations.)

Built on a trustworthy and scaleable
foundation to power the future of
work and education.

Gobekli builds solutions on the LER (Learning and Employment Record) ecosystem,
a new layer of the internet designed to power the future of work and education
with quantifiable and verifiable data.

We believe that empowering individuals with their talent data is the key to our collective success as organizations, and as a species.