GoBekli's Mission:
Unlock Human Potential by providing augmented intelligence to help people work smarter individually and together.

Gobekli Tepe is the worlds oldest known temple built 12,000 years ago by people who created new ways to work smarter, together.


Danny Done
(Founder/ CEO)

15 year entrepreneurial marketing veteran and expert on building techno-human feedback loops that bring value. Danny creates empathy based creative and technical strategies to build human focused digital experiences to achieve measurable goals. Danny founded, scaled and sold a mid-size agency that created dynamic systems for collaboration on hundreds of decentralized teams. From this experience, he saw the need for GoBekli to work as a bridge between systems to help people work smarter toward personal and collective goals.

Christine Wzorek
(Chief Operating Officer)

With 21 years of collective business strategy and Human Capital experience, Christine has taken the helm of modern business by marrying Human Capital, Business Strategy and Financial Strategy through the lens of human behavior. As a thought leader offering big- picture vision while designing comprehensive processes, Christine has synchronized business constructs to incorporate human intelligence as a proactive strategy for sustainability and perpetual impact.

Steve Ardire
(Strategic Advisor)

AI startup advisor ‘force multiplier’ who shapes serendipity by connecting and illuminating the dots that matter ( aka ‘The Merchant of Light’ ) leveraging deep relationship capital with recognized personal brand ( advised 28 AI startups past 8 years ). He specializes in working with underdog, underestimated, under appreciated early stage AI startups to shape business strategy, product market fit, pitch guidance, close funding in fractional C level role ( multiplexed bus dev, marketing, sales ) to scale smarter, faster, and better. For more see https://www.forcemultipliersteveardire.com/