A Universal Talent Passport to
unleash your potential

Representing yourself in today's world is hard.

As careers become more fluid and the demand for lifelong learning escalates, accurately articulating one’s skills, experiences, and aspirations becomes a formidable task. Here are four main challenges individuals often encounter in navigating this new terrain of self-representation:

However, self-representation is
the key to open all opportunities...

TalentPass makes it easy for anyone to showcase their value in any context through trusted and impactful Talent ViiSA profiles that open opportunities.

We all wear different hats in life...

For each one we are open to many opportunities other people might not know about.

TalentPass Profiles showcase your aligned value to any opportunity:

Contextualized Summaries written with the help of AI and your verifiable talent data.

Filter your most relevant experiences, showcasing relevant skills.

Claim and integrate your verifiable learning records directly into your profile & showcase learned skills and awards,

Include other relevant facts, credentials and details to build a compelling narrative. 

TalentPass is for more than
just Job applications, but also for:

Professional Development:

Traditional job Application

Team Integration

Performance Reviews

Client Meetings

Up-skilling & growth

Internal Advacement

Personal Growth:

Student Advancement

Sports, Leagues and Activities

Clubs, Hobbies and Interests

Networking and Volunteer Work

College Admission and Prior Credit

Art Creation or Performances

Share TalentPass profiles with organizations for better:

Academic Empowerment:

Professional Opportunities:

Key Functions of TalentPass Profiles

Profiles are shareable in variable formats

They contextualize Verifiable Credentials

You are in control of your data

If you'd like to build a TalentPass profile, download the Pythia-UTP app and start your own!

We make it easy for anyone
to build powerful talent ViiSAs with


The Universal Talent Passport, for Everyone

Pythia is your Conversational Agent that helps you build and manage your TalentPass profiles and data

Pythia, named after the Oracle of Delphi, who’s mission was to help you “know yourself” is a private, expandable AI assistant to help you build TalentPass profiles, claim, manage and quantify your talent data, and help you discover and peruse opportunities and interests. 

Pythia helps you reach your potential:

Create ViiSAs through chats, surveys and uploads

Get help and suggestions from Pythia across the app

Engage dialogues through the conversation queue

Helping you easily save and transform records, work and stories into powerful talent data you can use.

Pythia helps you you build, manage and leverage TalentPass profiles:

Pythia helps you build, edit, save and share your profiles

Adopt Sponsored TalentPass Pages and enhance Pythia

TalentPass is an integrated and
expandable tool for all stages of life.

TalentPass organizes your records and experiences into stories saved in your Central Talent Tree.

Your Central Talent Tree which organizes all stories about every aspects about your talent.

Each branch can contain any combination of 4 kinds of stories:

Each story contains details, evidence and data.

Your Central Talent Tree populates the TalentPass profiles, and powers Pythia's understanding and ability to help you.

Join our pilot and use TalentPass, the Universal Talent Passport, to reach your potential!

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