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Universal Talent Passports and
Human Centered LER Technology

Universal Talent Passports in Education:

In an era of fast-paced change and innovation, educational institutions and training platforms are tasked with a profound mission: nurturing the talents and skills of learners to equip them for an evolving world. At our core, we recognize that the journey of each student is unique, and it’s our mission to empower educational organizations to create customized learning solutions that transform the student experience.

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Industry Leadership and Development

Being an Innovation Startup, we'll partner with institutions interested in the development, leadership and growth of the LER technology category to serve everyone.

Human Centered LER Based Solutions

We'll help institutions understand and build strategic applications of emerging LER technology for human centered solutions that solve their students' unique needs.

Alpha Client Development

For schools interested in Sponsoring Passport Pages in the Pythia-UTP for their students, we have special early adaptor incentives and Passport Page Development Packages.