Unleash the potential of your students and build more aligned educations for the future.

Gobekli helps schools deliver future ready academic empowerment for their current, future, and past students.

LER Solutions for Schools:

Gobekli presents schools with a transformative suite of technologies designed to revolutionize the educational experience, offering a more personalized, inclusive, and adaptable approach to learning. Through the integration of Pythia-UTP (Universal Talent Passport), LER (Learning and Employment Record) technology, and customizable Passport pages, Gobekli empowers educational institutions to not only acknowledge and celebrate the diverse journeys of their learners but also to provide tailored guidance, support, and opportunities that resonate with individual aspirations and needs. This holistic approach ensures that each learner’s unique potential is nurtured, contributing to a dynamic learning environment where inclusive excellence is not just an ideal, but a practical reality.

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Gobekli can help educators build for strategic institutional success:

At Gobekli Inc., our partnership tiers for schools are tailored to provide flexible and scalable solutions to meet the unique needs of educational institutions. With three distinct tiers, each unlocking a range of services and benefits, schools can leverage our expertise in student data management, academic support, and strategic planning to enhance their educational offerings.

Whether you’re a small school looking to streamline enrollment processes or a large institution aiming to optimize curriculum planning and student support services, our partnership tiers offer a progressive pathway for growth and innovation.

From efficient enrollment processes and improved classroom integration in Tier 1 to strategic curriculum planning and personalized student support in Tier 3, our tiers are designed to empower schools to achieve excellence in education while maximizing student success. As your institution evolves and expands, our partnership tiers adapt to meet your changing needs, ensuring that you have the resources, support, and expertise you need to thrive in today’s dynamic educational landscape.

Available services and project types at each Partnership Tier, for Educators:

Give your students the ability to collect, manage, leverage and share their Learning and Employment Records.

How Gobekli's Universal Talent Passports help schools:

In an era of fast-paced change and innovation, educational institutions and training platforms are tasked with a profound mission: nurturing the talents and skills of learners to equip them for an evolving world. At our core, we recognize that the journey of each student is unique, and it’s our mission to empower educational organizations to create customized learning solutions that transform the student experience.

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Gobekli's LER technologies enables schools to:​

Empower your students to build themselves

Send and Receive Verified Talent Data

Sponsor Passport Pages for your Students

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