Build Your Self
The Universal Talent Passport

Own, verify, grow and strategically share all talent data & work evidence from one app.

Quantify, Verify and Leverage
Your Knowledge and Skills

Our goal is to help everyone leverage and grow their knowledge and skills throughout their lives in order to ensure they thrive in an ever evolving world.

How do others know that you know what you know?


*Our code name for the app, for now at least.

A Universal Talent Passport & Master Skill Tree​

(A Mobile App Coming Winter 2022)

Collect Your Data

Manage all of your career certificates, learner records, and work evidence of your knowledge and skills in one easy place to manage, learn from and share.

Filter Your Data

Verified, linked talent data, allows you and your organizations to be more informed about where best to invest your time and energy to achieve your goals.

Share your Data

Publish, connect and combine your linked talent data for employers, teams, and apps to showcase and use your knowledge and skills better.


Key Features:

  1. We deliver in-app services
    1. Verification and Mapping Services
    2. Folio variation and self representation services
    3. Self improvement AI and Advanced Data and Reporting Options (Pro-Membership) 
  2. We partner with your companies and schools
    1. Learning Quantification Systems (see below)
    2. Talent Data APIs/App Fees (see below)


Powered by Verified, Human Distributed, Linked Talent Data.

Gobekli uses a combination of Web3 Technology including Verified Blockchain Credentials, Linked Graph Data and Solid Human Distributed Pods. These technologies enable us to create the first self-sovereign identity with an attached body of data,  which acts as your true metaphysical professional avatar of quantified knowledge and skills. These can then be associated with particular verified credentials, such as degrees, certificates, and courses. 

Gobekli is designed to be a human distributed verifiable talent data ecosystem. While the technology is available to make this possible, the road to adoption requires we deploy Gobekli and its Universal Talent Passports in stages and through partnerships.

Therefore, we will be working with your institutional and corporate education providers to not just deliver the your Talent Passport App to you, but help make it more powerful by mapping the knowledge and skills in the verified courses you’ve taken.

To join our waitlist as a user, please help us out by answering a few quick questions:

How do you grow and claim your knowledge and skills?

Adopt Your Verified Learning Maps From the Source

We are working with education providers and businesses that use Learning Management Systems by enhancing their existing platforms with our integrated service. Our Learning Quantification System (LQS) maps the knowledge and skills in their course and attributes them to the learners for adoption with their Passports.

By using our LQS integrated service, Gobekli creates the benefit of creating better content recommendations, learner journeys, business insights and visualizations that enhance your educational experience. 

An LMS Integrated Service that helps you:

Sold to education providers & corporate learning managers.

How do you leverage the skills you've gained?

Integrations & Apps

The MyPythia App will power:

A Human Distributed Talent Data Ecosystem

You become the source of the data that's about you, wherever you choose to connect:

Your verified talent data will power your future work & and education by integrating your data with:

Can your system or technology benefit from the 10x power of Verified Human Distributed Talent Data?