Gobekli is being built on a foundation
of powerful new technology...

Verified Credentials and LER technology

LER technology is the bedrock of Universal Talent Passports (UTPs), serving as the secure vault for an individual’s skills, competencies, and experiences. UTPs, powered by LER technology, curate, update, and share this information, providing robust tools for career navigation.


This synergy transforms raw data into actionable insights, revolutionizing how we present and leverage our professional identities.

allowing the individual to become the center place of all data about them selves,

Self Soverign Data and Identity

Self-sovereign data ownership is essential for Universal Talent Passports (UTPs), giving individuals control over their data, skills, and experiences. UTPs, fortified by self-sovereign data principles, ensure data ownership, fostering trust and privacy in career journeys.


This synergy reshapes data interaction, granting individuals power over their personal information for career advancement.

creating clear visibility for individuals to see themselves, their value and potential;

Talent ontologies and graph data science

Talent ontologies and graph data science underpin Universal Talent Passports (UTPs), offering structured skill categorization and data relationships. UTPs utilize these components to create comprehensive career narratives, mapping connections between skills. Talent ontologies and graph data science redefine professional data management, providing holistic career insights.

delivered with an AI assistant to make everything as easy as a simple conversation.

Generative Conversational AI

Generative Conversational AI is at the core of Pythia-UTP, offering human-like interactions to help users build their professional identities. This AI component transforms data into actionable insights, making the UTP experience user-friendly. Pythia-UTP’s conversational AI serves as a personalized guide, enabling users to navigate their career paths with confidence.

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