Implementation Strategy Development

To provide strategic technical and financial roadmaps for development on the LER ecosystem according to the needs that would be outlined through consulting or workshops, Gobekli provides implementation strategy development. These strategies are built using consulting hours managed by the partnership manager.  

  • Strategic Planning Sessions: Collaborative workshops to formulate a clear and actionable LER implementation strategy tailored to your organizational goals.
  • Technical Infrastructure Analysis: Examination of existing systems and identification of technical requirements for LER integration.
  • Stakeholder Engagement Plan: Strategies for involving key stakeholders, including educators, learners, and employers, in the LER implementation process.
  • Pilot Programs and Scaling: Guidance on launching pilot LER projects, assessing their impact, and strategies for scaling successful initiatives.
  • Continuous Improvement Framework: Establishment of feedback loops and performance metrics to monitor the effectiveness of LER integration and adapt strategies as needed.

The implementation strategy development is designed to help organizations transition from tier 1 to tier 2, creating a plan for development and deployment of pilot programs that work toward specific organizational goals and KPIs.

Other Available Tier 1 Services