LER Technical Strategy and Issuance Implementation

Tier 2 Partnership

Pilot LER Issuing Solutions

Tier 2 is designed for organizations ready to pilot Learning and Employment Record (LER) issuing solutions, providing developers and technical managers with the tools and support needed to test and refine LER integration. This tier offers in-depth technical consulting, developer-focused training, and strategic guidance for conducting effective pilot tests. By enabling real-world application and feedback, Tier 2 ensures a tailored approach to LER deployment, optimizing data delivery through Universal Talent Passports and enhancing the organization’s ability to recognize and reward learning achievements.

Build Integrated Credential Issuing Solutions

Available Services For This Tier:

Data Mapping and Credential Strategy

Strategic Planning for Data Quantification: This service focuses on assisting organizations in planning and mapping their learning and talent data quantification strategies. We delve into understanding user needs and organizational goals to craft a comprehensive credentialing strategy that aligns with your institution’s vision. By quantifying learning outcomes and talent data effectively, we ensure that credentialing processes are robust, meaningful, and directly correlated with the skill sets and competencies they represent.

  • User-Centric Approach: Tailored strategies that prioritize user needs and learning outcomes.
  • Comprehensive Mapping: Detailed mapping of learning and talent data to credentialing standards.

Interoperable Credentialing Solutions

Facilitating Seamless LER Integration: Our focus here is on setting up interoperable credentialing systems that ensure the smooth packaging and transmission of LER data. Whether integrating with the Universal Talent Passport or adapting data for other use cases, we provide the expertise and tools necessary for effective data credentialing. This service ensures that your organization’s learning records are compatible, secure, and ready for seamless integration across various platforms and applications.

  • Interoperability Expertise: Guidance on creating and implementing interoperable credentialing systems.
  • Universal Compatibility: Ensuring LER data compatibility with Universal Talent Passport and beyond.

Pilot Program with Freemium Passport Page

Testing and Adoption through Freemium Access: This service offers organizations the opportunity to run pilot programs using a freemium version of the Passport Page, allowing for a controlled group of users to adopt and interact with the system. This hands-on approach provides valuable insights into user engagement, system functionality, and potential areas for enhancement. The feedback and data gathered during the pilot phase are instrumental in informing strategic decisions for broader implementation and scaling in the next tier.

  • Real-World Testing: Launch pilot programs to test system functionality and user engagement.
  • Strategic Insights: Gather data to inform broader implementation strategies and system enhancements.

Pilot Credential Issuing Solutions, as a Partner

Empower your organization to program, register, manage and issue and meaningful and powerful verifiable credentials to your people.

Access Licensable Technology and Services:

STAMP serves as a cornerstone in the organizational framework of talent data. It orchestrates the standardization and organization of skills and competencies, encapsulating them in a linked data format. Through STAMP, organizations can seamlessly navigate curriculum mapping, talent assessment, and workforce analytics, unleashing comprehensive insights. From schools enhancing educational offerings to employers streamlining talent acquisition processes, STAMP’s data visualization capabilities cater to diverse needs across sectors.

VISA profiles stand as dynamic representations of individuals’ talents and achievements. These profiles embrace various presentation formats, encompassing traditional and future-ready LER formats. Versatile in nature, VISA profiles cater to both human and machine reviewers, optimizing talent acquisition, career development, and education planning endeavors. With VISA, stakeholders gain a holistic understanding of individuals’ capabilities, fostering informed decision-making processes.

PASS heralds a new era of competency framework standardization. Functioning as a machine-actionable tool, PASS facilitates comprehensive comparisons and assessments of individual skills against predefined criteria. Its utility extends across competency-based hiring, education policy formulation, and workforce development initiatives. By integrating PASS data into credentialing systems and talent management platforms, organizations unlock unparalleled insights, empowering strategic decision-making.

Gobekli boasts unparalleled expertise in open-source LER protocols and standards. Our contributions span the development and adoption of interoperable and verifiable credentialing solutions. Through collaborative partnerships, we implement scalable and accessible LER technologies, ensuring inclusivity and efficiency. At the core of our mission lies the belief in industry collaboration and standardization as catalysts for advancing the LER ecosystem.

Empower Technical Teams for LER Excellence:

Tier 2 equips developers and technical managers with the advanced tools and knowledge needed to pilot and refine LER issuing solutions. This empowerment fosters a culture of innovation, enabling technical teams to create bespoke LER applications that align with the goals of Academic Empowerment and Workforce Equity.

Validate and Refine with Pilot Tests:

Conducting pilot tests for LER issuing solutions allows organizations to assess the real-world applicability and impact of LER technology. This iterative approach ensures that the LER solutions are optimized for user needs, supporting equitable access to educational and employment opportunities.

Strategize for Scalable LER Deployment:

With strategic guidance and support in Tier 2, organizations can develop and execute a comprehensive LER implementation strategy. This strategic foundation ensures scalability and adaptability of LER solutions, laying the groundwork for broader institutional adoption and contributing to the overarching goals of Academic Empowerment and Workforce Equity.