LER Education and Needs Analysis Workshops:

To provide structure and objectives to the partnership Gobekli can build custom Workshops for team education and needs analysis. These workshops are built using SOW extensions, and the costs depend on the needs and hours of the workshop, and will be built and submitted by the Partnership Manager. 

  • Overview of LER Technology: Introduction to Learning and Employment Record (LER) technology, its components, and significance in modern education and workforce development.
  • Needs Assessment: Interactive sessions to evaluate your organization’s specific needs, readiness, and potential areas of improvement for LER integration.
  • LER Best Practices: Insights into successful LER implementations, focusing on data management, privacy considerations, and stakeholder engagement.
  • Customized Learning Paths: Development of tailored educational programs to upskill your team in LER-related competencies and applications.
  • Interactive Q&A: Opportunities for participants to ask questions and clarify doubts, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of LER systems.

The LER Education and Needs Analysis Workshops allows your partnership manager to work across your organization with key stakeholders to educate them on the emerging LER ecosystem and help identify and map out the basic needs of the organization and outline the potential options for implementation

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