Unified LER Solutions and full TalentPass integrations

Tier 3 Partnership

Tier 3 partnership focuses on building and implementing comprehensive, unified Learning and Employment Record (LER) solutions that are seamlessly integrated across organizational systems and made directly accessible to individuals through a user-friendly app. This tier is aimed at fully embedding LER capabilities into the fabric of the organization, ensuring that all stakeholders, from individual learners to administrative bodies, can interact with and benefit from a cohesive LER ecosystem. The partnership provides advanced integration support, customization options, and ongoing assistance to ensure the LER solutions are deeply aligned with organizational goals and user needs, promoting a culture of continuous learning and recognition.

Build Integrated Credential Reviewing Solutions

Available Services For This Tier:

Premium Passport Page

At Tier 3, organizations gain access to premium Passport pages, enhancing the ability to send and receive VISA data effortlessly. This feature allows for a dynamic exchange of information, ensuring that individuals’ learning and employment records are accurately and securely shared within the organizational ecosystem. It’s a powerful tool for fostering transparency and recognition of achievements across various levels of the institution.

  • Enhanced Data Exchange: Facilitates seamless sharing of VISA data, promoting a holistic view of individual achievements.
  • Security and Privacy: Prioritizes the protection of sensitive information while maintaining user control over their data.

Integrated Passport Services

Integrated Passport Services

Our integrated Passport services expand the functionality of your Passport pages with widgets, resources, and upgrades. Pythia, our intelligent guide, is enhanced to provide personalized support and guidance, making the Passport page a central hub for navigating educational and career development within the organization.

  • Custom Widgets: Tailored tools that cater to specific organizational needs, from skill tracking to learning recommendations.
  • Resource Access: Direct links to valuable learning materials, workshops, and mentorship programs, curated to support individual growth paths.
  • Pythia Upgrades: Advanced AI-driven insights to offer personalized guidance, enhancing user engagement and learning outcomes.

LER verification and cross-walking

A cornerstone of Tier 3 is our expertise in LER verification and crosswalking. We assist organizations in adopting verifiable credentials for work and education records, providing a trusted framework for validating achievements. Additionally, our crosswalking service maps these credentials against required standards, be it for prior learning assessment or job posting qualifications, ensuring a perfect alignment with institutional or industry benchmarks.

  • Trustworthy Credentials: Establishes a system of verified achievements, increasing the reliability of presented qualifications.
  • Alignment with Standards: Ensures credentials meet or exceed established benchmarks, facilitating accurate assessment and placement.

Integrated and custom solutions

Tier 3 goes beyond off-the-shelf offerings to provide integrated custom solutions tailored to your organization’s unique needs. Whether it’s integrating LER capabilities into existing systems or developing bespoke services to leverage collected data, our team works closely with you to create solutions that drive value and innovation.

  • Seamless System Integration: Ensures LER functionalities are perfectly embedded within your organizational tech landscape.
  • Bespoke Development: Custom-built services and tools designed to maximize the utility of LER data for strategic decision-making and operational efficiency.

Verifying, Scoring, and Integrating Verifiable Credentials

Maximize the potential of verifiable credentials with our streamlined solutions, seamlessly integrating verified data into your business systems for improved decision-making.

Access Licensable Technology and Services:

STAMP serves as a cornerstone in the organizational framework of talent data. It orchestrates the standardization and organization of skills and competencies, encapsulating them in a linked data format. Through STAMP, organizations can seamlessly navigate curriculum mapping, talent assessment, and workforce analytics, unleashing comprehensive insights. From schools enhancing educational offerings to employers streamlining talent acquisition processes, STAMP’s data visualization capabilities cater to diverse needs across sectors.

VISA profiles stand as dynamic representations of individuals’ talents and achievements. These profiles embrace various presentation formats, encompassing traditional and future-ready LER formats. Versatile in nature, VISA profiles cater to both human and machine reviewers, optimizing talent acquisition, career development, and education planning endeavors. With VISA, stakeholders gain a holistic understanding of individuals’ capabilities, fostering informed decision-making processes.

PASS heralds a new era of competency framework standardization. Functioning as a machine-actionable tool, PASS facilitates comprehensive comparisons and assessments of individual skills against predefined criteria. Its utility extends across competency-based hiring, education policy formulation, and workforce development initiatives. By integrating PASS data into credentialing systems and talent management platforms, organizations unlock unparalleled insights, empowering strategic decision-making.

Gobekli boasts unparalleled expertise in open-source LER protocols and standards. Our contributions span the development and adoption of interoperable and verifiable credentialing solutions. Through collaborative partnerships, we implement scalable and accessible LER technologies, ensuring inclusivity and efficiency. At the core of our mission lies the belief in industry collaboration and standardization as catalysts for advancing the LER ecosystem.

Unlock Individual Potential:

Tier 3 services elevate the educational and professional journey by offering tailored learning pathways and career guidance through enhanced Passport pages and Pythia’s upgraded functionalities. This personalized approach boosts engagement, motivation, and success rates, aligning perfectly with goals of Academic Empowerment and Workforce Equity.

Build Credibility with Verifiable Achievements:

The rigorous LER verification and crosswalking processes ensure that all learning and employment records are authenticated and aligned with industry standards. This not only fosters trust within the academic and professional communities but also advances the principles of equity by recognizing and valuing diverse forms of learning and achievement.

Seamless LER Ecosystem Adoption:

Our commitment to providing integrated custom solutions means your organization can effortlessly embed LER functionalities into existing systems. This strategic integration enhances operational efficiency and decision-making processes, supporting the broader objectives of fostering Academic Empowerment and achieving Workforce Equity.