Product Advisory Role for the Partners

As key partners with Gobekli Inc. in the LER ecosystem, the Partners are invited to designate individuals or groups to serve as product advisors, playing an integral role in shaping the development and enhancement of Gobekli’s solutions.

Included in Partnership
Tiers 1, 2 & 3

This advisory role offers partners a unique opportunity to stay informed about Gobekli’s product roadmap and provide valuable feedback on various initiatives, including the Universal Talent Passport and other commercial and enterprise products. Here’s what it entails:

  • Designated Product Advisors:
      • The Partners have the privilege of appointing individuals or groups to act as product advisors.
      • These product advisors serve as representatives of their organization and provide insights, feedback, and guidance on Gobekli’s products and services.
  • Stay Informed, Provide Feedback:
      • Product advisors receive regular updates on product developments, new features, and enhancements from Gobekli Inc.
      • They have the opportunity to review these updates, provide feedback, and answer surveys or questionnaires to share their perspectives.
  • Participation in Feedback Sessions:
      • Product advisors may be invited to participate in feedback sessions or discussions with Gobekli Inc.’s product teams.
      • These sessions may delve into specific product features, use cases, or user experience considerations, and will be recorded for accessibility.
  • Feedback on Universal Talent Passport:
      • Product advisors are encouraged to provide feedback on Gobekli’s flagship solution, the Universal Talent Passport.
      • Their input helps shape the ongoing development and refinement of the Universal Talent Passport to better meet the needs of the Partners.
  • Gobekli’s Discretion:
      • It is at Gobekli’s discretion to determine which product updates require partner review and whether to incorporate partner feedback into product development decisions.
      • Gobekli reserves the right to prioritize and implement changes based on various factors, including technical feasibility, strategic alignment, and market demand.
    • Recorded Feedback Sessions:
      • Feedback sessions with product advisors will be recorded to accommodate individuals who may not be able to attend live sessions.
      • This allows all product advisors to provide feedback at their convenience, ensuring that their voices are heard and considered.
  • Disclaimers:
    • Participation in the product advisory role does not guarantee that all feedback provided by partners will be incorporated into Gobekli’s products or services.
    • Gobekli Inc. retains full discretion over product development decisions and prioritization, and partners acknowledge and accept this as part of their participation in the advisory role.

The product advisory part of the partnership offers the Partners an opportunity to actively engage with Gobekli Inc. in the development and improvement of its offerings, fostering collaboration and mutual understanding between both parties. Through their valuable input and feedback, product advisors contribute to the ongoing success and evolution of Gobekli’s solutions, ultimately benefiting all stakeholders involved.

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