Integrated Passport Services

At the heart of our Tier 3 partnership offerings, Gobekli Inc. introduces “Integrated Passport Services” — a suite of bespoke development services aimed at enriching the functionality and value of your Premium Passport Pages. This service enables organizations to seamlessly integrate custom features, resources, and interactive elements that enhance the user experience and engagement on the Passport Pages, aligning with organizational goals and user needs.

Available in Tier 3 Partnerships


Custom Resource Integration: Incorporate essential organizational resources directly into your Passport Pages, such as HR handbooks, student guides, or policy manuals. This integration ensures that users have immediate access to critical information, enhancing the utility of the Passport Page as a central hub for engagement and guidance.

Enhanced Pythia-UTP Knowledge Base: Expand the knowledge base of the Pythia-UTP (Universal Talent Passport) with organization-specific content and resources. This enhancement allows the Pythia-UTP to offer more personalized and relevant guidance to individuals, fostering a deeper connection between the user and the organization.

Custom Story Types and Conversations: Develop unique story types and conversational interfaces within the Passport App, tailored to your organizational context. These custom interactions can guide users through specific processes, collect essential data, or provide targeted support and information, making the Passport Page a dynamic tool for user engagement.

Bespoke User Experience Design: Work with our team to design bespoke user experience elements that reflect your organization’s identity and meet your users’ needs. From interactive data visualizations to personalized content feeds, these custom elements elevate the user experience on your Passport Pages.

Strategic Content Placement: Strategically place content and interactive elements within the Passport Page to maximize engagement and meet specific organizational objectives, such as promoting certain initiatives, highlighting achievements, or facilitating community interactions.

The “Integrated Passport Services” are managed through a comprehensive Statement of Work (SOW), ensuring a tailored approach to each project that aligns with the partner’s strategic goals and user engagement objectives. Our dedicated partnership managers oversee the process from concept to deployment, ensuring seamless integration and alignment with your Premium Passport Pages.

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