Premium Passport Page

Within the echelons of our Tier 3 partnership, Gobekli Inc. proudly offers the “Premium Passport Page” — an elite service that grants organizations the ability to create and customize their own Passport Pages. This feature is designed for partners who wish to leverage the full potential of the Learning and Employment Records (LER) ecosystem, providing a sophisticated platform for showcasing verified credentials, skills, and accomplishments.

Available in Tier 3 Partnerships


Exclusive Access to Premium Features: Tier 3 partners gain exclusive access to a suite of premium features and customization options for their Passport Pages. This includes advanced design elements, interactive modules, and enhanced data visualization tools, enabling a rich and engaging user experience.

Custom Branding and Design: Customize your Passport Pages with your organization’s branding, including logos, color schemes, and thematic elements. This customization ensures that your Passport Pages resonate with your brand identity and values, enhancing recognition and trust among users.

Advanced Data Integration: Integrate diverse data sources and formats into your Passport Pages, allowing for a comprehensive display of credentials, achievements, and professional milestones. Our advanced integration capabilities ensure that your Passport Pages are both dynamic and informative.

Real-Time Updates and Notifications: Implement real-time updates and notification features to keep users informed about new credentials, opportunities, and insights. This functionality ensures that Passport Pages remain current and relevant, enhancing user engagement.

Analytics and Insights: Access detailed analytics and insights regarding user interaction and engagement with your Passport Pages. These insights can inform strategic decisions, helping you to optimize the content and features of your Passport Pages for maximum impact.

The “Premium Passport Page” service is more than just a platform; it’s a strategic tool for organizations to enhance their visibility, credibility, and engagement within the LER ecosystem. Managed through a detailed Statement of Work (SOW), this service ensures that each Premium Passport Page aligns with the partner’s strategic objectives and operational needs. The dedicated partnership manager will guide the development and implementation process, ensuring a seamless and successful launch of your customized Passport Pages.

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