Pilot Passport Pages with your people

The “Pilot Passport Pages with Your People” initiative is a cornerstone of our Tier 3 partnership, offering a holistic approach to deploying and testing Unified Learning and Employment Records (LER) solutions within your organization. This pilot program is designed to not only implement Passport Pages but also to engage your people comprehensively, ensuring a deep understanding, buy-in, and effective utilization of the LER ecosystem.

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Educational Workshops and Training: Initiate the pilot with a series of educational workshops and training sessions tailored to different stakeholder groups within your organization. These sessions will cover the strategic importance of LER, the functionality of Passport Pages, and the potential benefits for individuals and the organization as a whole.

Strategic Messaging and Communication: Develop and execute a communication plan that conveys the value and objectives of the Pilot Passport Pages to your people. This plan will include targeted messaging, FAQs, and support resources to ensure clarity, reduce resistance, and foster enthusiasm for the pilot program.

Setting Clear KPIs and Success Metrics: Establish clear Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and success metrics for the pilot, aligned with your organizational goals and the specific objectives of the LER initiative. These metrics will guide the pilot’s execution and provide a framework for measuring its impact and effectiveness.

Comprehensive Integration of Tier 3 Services: Leverage the full suite of Tier 3 services to enrich the Pilot Passport Pages, including integrated and custom solutions, data analytics, and personalized user experiences. This integration ensures that the pilot tests the Unified LER solutions in a holistic and cohesive manner, maximizing the potential learnings and outcomes.

Feedback Collection and Iterative Improvement: Implement mechanisms for ongoing feedback collection from participants throughout the pilot program. Use this feedback to make iterative improvements to the Passport Pages and the overall LER ecosystem, ensuring that the final solutions are finely tuned to meet the needs and preferences of your people.

Managed through a detailed Statement of Work (SOW) and overseen by dedicated partnership managers, the “Pilot Passport Pages with Your People” program is a collaborative effort that brings together all aspects of the Tier 3 partnership. This comprehensive approach ensures that the pilot not only tests the technical capabilities of the Unified LER solutions but also addresses the human factors critical to successful adoption and long-term impact.

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