A la carte technical consulting

As part of the partnership package, Gobekli Inc. offers the Tier 2 and 3 Partners access to technical consulting services on an à la carte basis. These consulting services are designed to provide expert guidance and advice on various technical aspects related to the implementation and optimization of Learning and Employment Records (LER) solutions. Here are the key terms and conditions:

Available in Partnership
Tiers 2 & 3


  • Consulting Source and Approval:
      • Technical consulting services may be sourced internally by Gobekli Inc. or through our network of trusted contractors and experts.
      • Prior to engaging an external contractor, Gobekli Inc. will seek pre-approval from the Partner on the selected source and contractor.
  • Rate and Project Approval:
      • The rate for technical consulting services will be determined based on the specific project requirements, scope, and complexity.
      • The Partners will have the opportunity to review and approve the proposed rate and project details before the commencement of consulting services.
  • Internal Gobekli Technical Consultant as Manager:
      • Each technical consulting engagement will be managed by an internal technical consultant from Gobekli Inc.
      • The Gobekli technical consultant will serve as the primary point of contact and liaison between the Partner and any external contractors or experts.
  • Scope of Technical Consulting:
      • Technical consulting services will focus on providing guidance and advice to the Partner’s technical team.
      • This may include discussions and recommendations related to protocols, technologies, architectures, and best practices that align with the Partner’s goals and objectives.
  • Exclusions:
      • Technical consulting services do not include the actual development or implementation of software solutions or systems.
      • Any development work or implementation activities will be accounted for separately and outlined in the subsequent sections of the partnership agreement.
  • Disclaimers:
      • Gobekli Inc. makes no guarantees or warranties regarding the outcomes or results of technical consulting services.
      • The Partners acknowledge and accept that the effectiveness and success of technical consulting engagements may vary based on factors beyond Gobekli’s control, including the Partner’s internal resources and capabilities.
  • Statement of Work (SOW) Extensions:
    • Detailed terms and conditions for each technical consulting engagement will be outlined in a separate Statement of Work (SOW) document.
    • The Partners have the option to extend or modify the scope of technical consulting services through additional SOWs, which will be appended to the partnership agreement as needed.

Overall, technical consulting à la carte offers the Partners flexible access to expert advice and guidance, empowering them to navigate complex technical challenges and optimize their LER solutions for maximum impact and effectiveness.

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