Access to license APIs/SaaS
Gobekli Inc. offers partner organizations access to a wide range of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions, including existing algorithms and technologies developed by Gobekli, as well as future innovations. These technologies are designed to enhance the functionality, interoperability, and value of Learning and Employment Records (LER) solutions within the emerging ecosystem. Here’s how it works:

Available in Partnership
Tiers 2 & 3


  • Assessment through Technical and Executive Consulting:
      • The suitability and pricing of APIs and SaaS solutions will be assessed through technical and executive consulting engagements.
      • Gobekli Inc. will work closely with partner organizations to evaluate their specific needs, goals, and use cases, and determine the most appropriate technologies and licensing options.
  • Utilization of Gobekli’s Technology Stack:
      • Gobekli Inc. has developed a robust technology stack in its pursuit of creating the Universal Talent Passport and understanding the interconnectedness of LER ecosystem components.
      • Partner organizations may find Gobekli’s technologies and solutions valuable for enhancing their own talent development, education, and workforce management initiatives.
  • Flexible Licensing and Usage Models:
      • Gobekli Inc. offers flexible licensing and usage models for its APIs and SaaS solutions, allowing partner organizations to leverage these technologies in ways that best suit their needs and objectives.
      • Licensing options may include subscription-based models, usage-based pricing, and custom licensing agreements tailored to the unique requirements of each partner organization.
  • Scalable Product Line:
      • The APIs and SaaS solutions offered by Gobekli Inc. are structured to support a scalable product line, catering to organizations of various sizes and industries.
      • Partner organizations can choose from a diverse range of technologies and solutions, ranging from core infrastructure components to specialized modules and add-ons.
  • Continuous Innovation and Updates:
    • Gobekli Inc. is committed to continuous innovation and improvement, with ongoing updates and enhancements to its APIs and SaaS solutions.
    • Partner organizations can expect regular updates and new features as part of their licensing agreements, ensuring that they stay at the forefront of technological advancements in the LER ecosystem.

Overall, the availability of APIs and SaaS solutions for licensing provides partner organizations with access to cutting-edge technologies and capabilities, enabling them to build and enhance their own LER solutions while benefiting from Gobekli’s expertise and innovation. Through collaborative engagement and flexible licensing arrangements, Gobekli Inc. and its partners can drive value and innovation in the evolving landscape of talent development and education.

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