Interoperable Credentialing Solutions

As part of our Tier 2 partnership engagements, Gobekli Inc. is dedicated to establishing and enhancing Interoperable Credentialing Solutions that seamlessly integrate with the Learning and Employment Records (LER) ecosystem. These solutions are designed to ensure that credentials are not only secure and verifiable but also universally compatible, facilitating a frictionless exchange of talent data across platforms and systems. Each solution is developed through a collaborative project framework, managed by a comprehensive Statement of Work (SOW) and supervised by the partnership manager to guarantee alignment with each partner’s specific needs and objectives.

Available in Partnership
Tiers 2 & 3


  • Credentialing System Development: Collaborate with organizations to design and implement credentialing systems that support the creation, issuance, and verification of digital credentials, ensuring interoperability with existing LER systems and standards.
  • Data Standardization Projects: Assist in the adoption and implementation of industry-standard data models and schemas, such as Open Badges and Comprehensive Learner Records, to promote consistency and interoperability in the credentialing landscape.
  • Credential Verification Platforms: Develop secure platforms that enable the verification of digital credentials against blockchain or distributed ledger technologies, ensuring authenticity and trust in the credentials issued by the organization.
  • Integration with Universal Talent Passport: Facilitate the integration of organizational credentialing systems with the Universal Talent Passport, allowing for a seamless transfer of credentials and empowering individuals with portable, verifiable records of their achievements.
  • Custom API Development: Create custom APIs that enable the exchange of credentialing data between different systems and platforms, enhancing the connectivity and functionality of the LER ecosystem.

Each project under the Interoperable Credentialing Solutions initiative begins with an in-depth analysis of the partner organization’s existing credentialing ecosystem, followed by the development of a tailored project plan detailed in an SOW extension. This plan outlines the specific goals, deliverables, and timelines for the project, ensuring a structured and transparent approach to implementation. The partnership manager serves as the key liaison, coordinating between the organization’s stakeholders and Gobekli Inc.’s technical teams to ensure the project’s success and alignment with strategic objectives.

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