Self-Organizing Ontologies

Self-Organizing Ontologies

Course groups are scanned (Using Ontological NLU HeadAI) to determine their “chemical makeup”. We generate a JSON map and weighted list of the concepts & their relationships. 

By sending course material through our design that uses HeadAI as if it were a lense and an industry taxonomy as a refraction, we create a self-generated ontology of ideas that are covered in a given course category. 


That ontology can be filtered to show the parent/child relationship of ideas, which is one of several relationships the ontology records, transforming what was just words and data, into connected ideas. 

The LMS extension will allow you to select the courses you want to generate an ontology from, process, visualize, edit and publish the ontologies, which will define all course maps your LMS generates. 

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Self-Organizing Ontologies

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