Integrated and custom solutions

Within the Tier 3 framework, Gobekli Inc. offers “Integrated and Custom Solutions,” a pivotal service designed to leverage the rich Learning and Employment Records (LER) data sourced primarily from your integrated Passport Pages. This approach enables organizations to enrich their systems and services with deep insights and verified achievements directly from the Passport ecosystem, fostering enhanced decision-making, personalization, and operational efficiency.

Available in Tier 3 Partnerships


Seamless Data Synchronization: Ensure seamless synchronization of LER data from Passport Pages into your organizational ecosystem, including HR systems, learning management systems (LMS), and talent management platforms. This integration provides a holistic view of individual pathways, skills, and achievements, enriching user profiles and organizational databases.

Custom Analytics Derived from Passport Data: Craft bespoke analytics and insights tools that draw upon the wealth of LER data from Passport Pages. Utilize these insights to uncover talent trends, identify skills gaps, and tailor learning pathways, thereby informing strategic decisions and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Enhanced Personalization through Passport Insights: Harness the detailed LER data from Passport Pages to deliver personalized experiences across digital platforms. By understanding each user’s unique journey, organizations can offer tailored content, opportunities, and interventions, enhancing engagement and satisfaction.

Automated Credential Recognition and Mapping: Implement sophisticated systems that automatically recognize and map credentials from Passport Pages, streamlining talent acquisition, onboarding, and development processes. This not only enhances efficiency but also ensures that talent is recognized and nurtured effectively.

Strategic Talent Management Informed by Passport Data: Leverage the rich, verified data from Passport Pages for strategic talent management initiatives, such as succession planning, high-potential identification, and targeted development programs. By basing these critical decisions on comprehensive LER data, organizations can align their talent strategies closely with their long-term goals.

Initiated through a detailed Statement of Work (SOW), projects under “Integrated and Custom Solutions” are meticulously managed by dedicated partnership managers. These projects aim to ensure that the wealth of LER data generated through Passport Pages is not only integrated across organizational systems but also leveraged to drive strategic value, innovation, and a competitive edge for Tier 3 partners.

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