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First, empowering individuals to
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Your talent data is the key to unlocking opportunities
and growing yourself throughout your life.

TalentPass is a Universal Talent Passport app that makes it easy for you to claim, collect, filter and share your all of your work and education history, evidence and data in a quantifiable and verifiable way.

By doing so, it becomes easy for you to generate profiles of your relevant and aligned talent for any opportunity in compelling presentations for individual, organizational and machine review. 

TalentPass is an extendable app with a private AI companion, central talent tree and pages for exchanging filtered sets of your talent data with your organizations and other apps in exchange for enhanced and integrated services, in work, education and beyond. 


(A next generation LER credential wallet anyone can use, and any organization can partner with)

Gobekli provides individuals a Universal Talent Passport, TalentPass, anyone can use and any organization can partner with.

TalentPass is a Universal Talent Passport that helps individuals represent and manage their own professional growth and personal development seamlessly. It empowers you to organize, showcase, and share your skills, experiences, and achievements in a dynamic and verifiable format.

By allowing you to create data-rich, verifiable profiles called ViiSAs, TalentPass enables you to present a compelling narrative of your skills and experiences tailored to specific opportunities. This makes your applications stand out to employers, increasing your chances of landing desired roles.

Absolutely! TalentPass integrates verifiable learning credentials and comprehensive learner records, making it easier to track and present your academic achievements alongside professional experiences.

TalentPass includes Pythia, a private AI assistant that helps you draft, manage, and refine your profiles. It provides personalized guidance and insights, helping you identify and articulate your skills and experiences effectively.

Yes, TalentPass is designed to support diverse professional paths, including freelancing and entrepreneurship. Its flexible platform lets you craft multiple profiles (ViiSAs) to suit different roles and projects, showcasing your versatility and breadth of skills.

TalentPass prioritizes your privacy with robust security measures, ensuring that your data is protected and shared only with your consent. You have complete control over what information you share and with whom.

Unlike static resumes or profiles, TalentPass provides a dynamic and interactive representation of your skills and experiences. It allows for real-time updates and generates ViiSAs that are tailored for specific opportunities or platforms, providing a more precise and impactful presentation of your professional narrative.

TalentPass ensures secure and controlled data sharing through its platform by leveraging encrypted data transfer and strict access controls. When you choose to share your ViiSAs with organizations, you can specify exactly which data elements are shared, ensuring that only relevant information is accessible. This method supports compliance with privacy standards and fosters trust, enabling you to engage confidently with potential employers, educational institutions, and other organizations while maintaining full control over your personal information.

...enabling organizations to intelligently
adapt and grow for the future.

Receiving trustworthy data from individuals
enables scaleable AI solutions.

LER(Learning and Employment Record) Solutions, like TalentPass, help organizations request, share and integrate data with their people

Allowing any organization to partner with their people in the exchange of trusted, mutually beneficial data:

The LER ecosystem is a network designed to securely and verifiably exchange learning and employment information across a standardized platform. It facilitates seamless sharing of digital records of an individual’s educational achievements, skills, and work experiences, enabling organizations to enhance recruitment, management, and development practices.

TalentPass leverages the LER ecosystem to offer organizations unified LER solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing HR and learning systems. These solutions enhance data interoperability, improve recruitment accuracy, and support strategic workforce management and professional development initiatives.

Absolutely. TalentPass offers flexible integration options that can be tailored to fit the specific technological and operational needs of your organization. This customization capability is detailed at Gobekli Partnership Options, which provides comprehensive insights into how integrations can be designed to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

By engaging with TalentPass through our partnership options, your organization gains access to advanced tools for managing and leveraging talent data. This partnership enables you to optimize your HR processes, enhance employee development programs, and maintain a competitive edge in talent management.

TalentPass prioritizes data security by employing advanced encryption techniques and strict access controls to protect all data shared on the platform. These measures ensure that your organization’s and employees’ data remain secure and confidential.

To begin implementing TalentPass and its unified LER solutions, visit Gobekli Partnership Options. Here, you can explore the different levels of engagement and find detailed information on how to integrate these solutions into your organizational processes effectively.

Quantify and Issue data about individuals to individuals.

Verify, adopt and integrate talent data into organizational systems.

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