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Gobekli helps organizations harness the power of the
LER(Learning and employment record) ecosystem.

A new layer of the internet to power the future of work and education.

For Schools

Enable your school to ingest, create, leverage and issue meaningful talent data that contributes to the learning and success of your students throughout their lives.

For Employers

Build quantifiable and verifiable solutions in hiring, onboarding, team integration, management, engagement, learning and development, and workforce planning.

For Gov. Services

Build and enhance public registries for the LER ecosystem to set your constituent organizations up for success; build and integrate key services for citizens.

LER Development Consulting

We helps organizations learn about, plan, design and build their own interoperable LER solutions to accomplish their unique goals. ​

  • Quantify Talent From People’s Performance: Gain detailed insights into the skills and knowledge of your people by leveraging LER technology to map talent data from their various activities.
  • Award and Recognize Earned Talent: Validate and recognize both formal and informal learning, performance and achievements to foster continuous learning and development.
  • Adopt and Leverage External Data: Break down data silos by integrating data from various sources, creating a more complete and accurate profile of your organization.

Jumpstart and connect LER solutions with TalentPass Pages!

Enhanced Employee Engagement and Growth:

  • Unlock Meaningful Interactions: Extend relationships with employees beyond credentialing by delivering personalized resources and upgrades directly to the TalentPass app.
  • Targeted Resource Delivery: Send specific resources and career development opportunities tailored to individual needs.

Improved Data Integration and Utilization:

  • Request and Integrate Necessary Data: Seamlessly request and integrate specific data sets into existing systems, ensuring accuracy and relevance.
  • Eliminate Data Silos: Consolidate data from different sources, providing 10x better data that enhances decision-making and operational efficiency.

Balanced Relationship Between Organizations and People:

  • Strengthen Relationships: Enhance the relationship with employees through meaningful insights and support, leading to increased satisfaction and retention.
  • Empower Employees: Enable employees to take control of their career paths with comprehensive learning and employment records.

We offer a Universal Talent Passport, TalentPass, which anyone can use, and any organization can partner and integrate with. ​

We make it easy for pioneering organizations
to explore, test and deploy their own LER solutions.

We offer tiered partnership packages to make it easy for organizations to explore, prototype and deploy LER solutions that directly empower their people while solving unique organizational challenges.

Tier 1

Educate your teams, engage stakeholder workshops and draft strategic plans for your organizations's need LER solutions.

Tier 2

Design, prototype and test LER integrated solutions for issuing, verification and adoption of talent data into systems.

Tier 3

Deploy scaleable and unified LER solutions across your organization and issue Passport Pages for tyour people.

In exploring partnership opportunities with Gobekli.io, think of our Partnership Tiers as exclusive membership levels, each designed to unlock a unique suite of benefits tailored to your organization’s needs. From foundational access to our pool of expert consultants and developers to more advanced, customized solutions, each tier is a gateway to a spectrum of possibilities. The baseline rate for each tier serves as a starting point, offering a glimpse into the potential collaborations and outcomes. However, it’s important to understand that the actual cost of services is project-dependent and scales with the depth and breadth of engagement you choose within your selected partnership level. This flexible structure ensures that our collaboration is not just a service but a dynamic partnership, designed to evolve and adapt to your organization’s changing needs and ambitions.

Partnership Package Details

  • Tier 1 Partnership
    Explore LER Solutions
  • Tier 2 Partnership
    Pilot Issuing LER Solutions
  • Tier 3 Partnership
    Pilot Unified LER Solutions
Partnerships include: Tier 1 Partnership
Explore LER Solutions
Tier 2 Partnership
Pilot Issuing LER Solutions
Tier 3 Partnership
Pilot Unified LER Solutions
Partnerships include:
$5,000 Partnership Fee
/year, includes:
$15,000 Partnership Fee
/year, includes:
$25,000 Partnership Fee
/year, includes:
An assigned partnership manager
Included Strategic Consulting 10 hrs included25 hrs included50 hrs included
A la carte access to strategic consulting
Product Advisory Role for the Partners
LER Education and Needs Analysis Workshops
Implementation Strategy Development
Access to LER Education Resources
A la carte technical consulting
Access to AI and LER development contractors
Access to license APIs/SaaS
Talent Data mapping and credential packaging
Interoperable Credentialing Solutions
Pilot Program with Freemium Passport Page
LER verification and cross-walking
Premium Passport Page
Integrated Passport Services
Integrated and custom solutions
Integrated and custom solutions
View DetailsView DetailsView Details

Our Partnership Packages offer a tiered system that enables organizations to discover, strategize, pilot, and fully implement LER-based solutions, including, but not limited to, integrations with TalentPass.

All our consulting services, technologies, and solutions adhere to the principles stated in our Partnership Statement of Values. This declaration affirms our commitment to the highest standards of interoperability and openness.

To assist organizations in constructing impactful solutions that optimize their operations and empower individuals, Gobekli provides Unified LER Solutions. These services facilitate organizations’ comprehension of the burgeoning LER Ecosystem, the development of a comprehensive strategy, and the planning and construction of their selected solutions and integrations. This may encompass, but is not limited to, Gobekli’s TalentPass, which is the Universal Talent Passport accessible to all.


We help organizations support, grow,
and leverage the talent of their people

At Gobekli, we recognize the importance of fostering a coalition of early adopters and supporters to drive innovation and adoption in the Learning and Employment Record (LER) space. Our partnership packages serve as a tool to build this coalition by providing early adopters with exclusive access to our expertise, technology, and resources.

Pioneering organizations across various sectors, including education, workforce development, government, and technology, can benefit from being early adopters of LER technology. By embracing innovation and collaboration, these organizations can gain a competitive advantage, drive positive change, and shape the future of credentialing and workforce development.

Our ultimate goal is to democratize access to LER technology and empower organizations of all sizes and backgrounds to implement unified solutions seamlessly. By working together with our partners, we aim to build an accessible suite of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions that streamline the setup, integration, education, and maintenance of LER solutions, making them scalable for any organization.

We collaborate closely with our partners at every stage of the journey, from initial consultation to ongoing support. Our partnership packages are designed to cater to partners’ diverse needs and objectives, ensuring that they receive tailored support and resources to drive successful implementation and adoption. Together, we co-create solutions that prioritize interoperability, openness, and verifiability, laying the foundation for a more accessible and inclusive LER ecosystem.

Partners are integral to Gobekli’s mission of advancing the LER ecosystem. As pioneers and early adopters, partners provide valuable insights, feedback, and real-world use cases that inform the development and enhancement of our solutions. By collaborating with partners, we collectively drive innovation, promote best practices, and accelerate the adoption of LER technology on a global scale.


Gobekli’s Partnership Packages unlock a wealth of resources, expertise, and technology to support organizations in their journey towards adopting and leveraging Learning and Employment Record (LER) technology. These packages provide partners with exclusive access to tailored support, innovative solutions, and collaborative opportunities, enabling them to navigate the complexities of LER implementation with confidence and success.

Partnership Packages serve as a gateway to:

  1. Expert Guidance: Benefit from personalized consultations, educational resources, and strategic insights to deepen understanding and navigate the evolving landscape of LER technology.

  2. Cutting-edge Technology: Gain access to Gobekli’s advanced technology stack, development resources, and verification tools, empowering partners to build, customize, and integrate credentialing solutions with ease.

  3. Collaborative Innovation: Join a vibrant community of pioneers and early adopters, contributing to the co-creation of interoperable, open, and verifiable LER solutions that drive positive change and innovation in the industry.

  4. Scalable Solutions: Leverage scalable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings designed to streamline the setup, integration, education, and maintenance of unified LER solutions, making them accessible and adaptable for organizations of all sizes and backgrounds.

By unlocking these resources and opportunities, Gobekli’s Partnership Packages empower organizations to harness the full potential of LER technology, drive meaningful impact, and shape the future of credentialing and workforce development.

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